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Learn the Plant Growth Cycle & How Seeds Travel in Nature – Magical Seeds by BabyBus Kids Games Subscribe now KidsJoeTV: On KidsJoeTV we present daily new games, apps and entertainment for children, toddlers and babies. Together we play games and apps make fun and promote the learning. e.g. we learn together the alphabet that count or the various color combinations. Have Fun and don´t forget to Subscribe! ► From the Developer: Experience the magical power of nature! Let your children plant a seed and see the excitement on their faces when the plants bear fruit. The seeds will find their new homes where they will grow strong! See how well the seeds grow under your children’s special care! Fun game for your children during Christmas! Fun Features: – Learn the plant growth cycle and how seeds travel in nature; – Plant six different seeds and the four ways they spread; – Many different gameplay for a fun and interactive experience! Plants are an inseparable part of our lives. They provide us with food and supply us with the oxygen we breathe. Take a step toward nature by learning the plant growth cycle starting from the planting a seed. Let’s see how these magical seeds turn into different plants and trees! ► Download the Game: Related Posts6 Laws of Plant Growth That You Must Know and FollowLearn About Vegetables & Fruits for Children with Dr. Panda Veggie Garden Kids GamesKids Learn Gardening with Baby Panda’s Flower Garden – Baby Bus Games For Children and BabiesBaby Panda Plant Trees in the Garden | Love Drinking Water | Kids Good Habits | BabyBusScience: Plant Life Cycle/ SeedsLearn flowers for kids. Little gardeners How plants grow from seeds cartoon for children

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