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Learn how to start a DIY urban garden and add a slice of peaceful greenery to your city life! Just because you live in a small space with little greenery doesn’t mean you can’t build your own urban garden. Follow these 5 simple urban garden design ideas and you’ll be on your way to a relaxing home retreat! Step 1: Plan the perfect space Step 2: Add a privacy backdrop Step 3: Plant a vertical growing system Step 4: Create colorful seating Step 5: Light it up See the full project details on our website here: Video Rating: / 5 It is every gardener’s worst nightmare. After it rains the dreaded Slug appears. They devour your plants during the darkness of night and retreat as the sun rises leaving only the damaged remains of what used to be your pride and joy, your prized plants Subscribe for more Free YouTube gardening tips: Share this video with a YouTuber friend: My most recent upload: My Most Popular Upload: Support Us on Patreon: There are 29 species of slug in Britain, but just four give the rest a bad name: the common garden slug, a leathery gunmetal grey and the length of your little finger; the fat, sickly grey field slug; the black slug, the biggest (and sometimes rust coloured) and keeled slugs, which have a ridge along their backs and a taste for potatoes. Snails do their fair share of damage too, but, while snails chew the edges of foliage and open up the holes already made by slugs, it’s the slugs’ rasping mouth parts that scrape away and puncture the surface of foliage and turn your hostas into doilies. Their other calling card is slime. The sparkling silver trails they leave behind aren’t just […]

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  • No Name 5 months ago

    that seat didn't look comfortable at all….

  • truthsout 5 months ago

    Beer in an ice cream tub 1/2 or 1/3 full, catches many snails and slugs overnight. They love it so much and get drunk and drown.

  • Cliff Carlo 5 months ago

    Unfortunately nematodes attack plant roots as well.

  • Gillian Fewings 5 months ago

    does it damage hedgehogs? I've seen what happens when they eat pellet-poisoned slugs…

  • Taffekles B 5 months ago

    Great idea. I have been wiped out this year and will give it a try. I also heard that frogs are good for taking out slugs and have put a pond in. Plus not digging over as digging over kills the nematodes. Any views on these? I think a hedgehog would be best but despite the penthouse hedgehog flat I have built it has sat there empty.

  • Jena Troelsgaard 5 months ago

    A Swedish or Norwegian scientist came up with the idea of collecting spanish slugs and then killing them (slightly and the putting them in a solution of nematodes. Then spread out the infected dead slugs for the spanish slugs to cannibalise, ideally only infecting other spanish slugs. I have roman snails and worry to kill them. this seems the best way. They won't try eat spanish slugs.

  • idiotspadeklaptorsk 5 months ago

    Are slug-killing nematodes always/almost always present in the soil? How do you check?

  • Shanders845 5 months ago

    good video etc but theres lots of vids out there that say that nematodes kill of the roots on your plants, is this true?

  • bmoi pavitra 5 months ago


  • Joy Kaluf 5 months ago

    What temps are ideal for the nematodes to multiply and how long does it usually take the slugs to die – a day or two?

  • Allotment AdventureTV 5 months ago

    great video tony thanks

  • Patrick Meehan 5 months ago

    It's a brilliant idea Tony, but what a smell.

  • urbex2007 5 months ago

    When you record your voice for the video – can you make sure you turn the radio OFF in the background as it is almost as loud as your voice. Better still, watch the video before uploading and correct before placing on youtube.

  • The Flash Plums 5 months ago

    Nice idea, Tony, but what about snails?

  • ZeNex74 5 months ago

    thanks but ill buy them, sod that

  • florie Brown 5 months ago

    Thank you I have actually heard of this method before, but your version in more practical

  • Aaron's allotment 5 months ago

    I've seen a couple of these videos. I remember Chris did one a while ago. The issue is that you just don't know if it is working or not. If you see slugs it might be working a bit, and if you don't see any it could just be that they are well hidden. I use the vertebrate friendly slug pellets and they have been the best defence I have had. I certainly am not knocking the idea of nematodes but the idea you can't see them makes it a difficult concept to have confidence in. Great video as always mate. very professional job. All the best.

  • Jason David Walton 5 months ago

    Brutal XD

  • Andrew K Fletcher 5 months ago

    Probably wise to use rainwater in the bucket, as chlorine could be killing the nematodes in some regions?

  • Kevin Brown 5 months ago

    Thanks for the pointer i will check it out,all the best Kevin.