Added by on 2018-02-24 John Kohler is an amazing man you can learn so much from. John explains how to grow the best edible greens, cheap, easy and fun. You don’t want to miss this 2 part interview with John. check out John’s website at See more info about Paul and his books at See more videos like this at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGardening on the Cheap: Wow! Amazing Garden!Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: The Secret Garden (Level 3)Hydroponic Gardening Classes… by Homegrown HealingWelcome to Learn How To Garden . ComHomegrown Gardening with ChildrenGardening Inspiration for Children – Homegrown Pizza

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  • Mei Meng 11 months ago

    Brilliant! Love your edible garden. Can't wait to have my own someday soon.

  • PinkShirtz 11 months ago

    That was amazing. Thanks. I'm doing it with my garden, but it's gone a little wild lol and gotten outof hand. Oh well, I figure even a wild garden is 10 times more attractive to look at than neglected lawn 😀

  • Angie Guerra 11 months ago

    This is awsome i just started my veggie garden ..i just wonder if your homeowners association bugs you?

  • YASHAMIL 11 months ago

    "Lawns are dumb"…lol…couldn't have said it better.

  • SkyTrop 11 months ago

    Malabar spinach is a fast growing weed. It tastes a bit swampy at times. I have it all over the yard. I prefer the sour tasting sour hibiscus' in summer. Nice clean flavor.

  • luckyfire3 11 months ago

    why is it soo high? does it need to be, cause i love waht im see'n

  • newgtguy 11 months ago

    John rocks!

  • UltraPaleo Power 11 months ago

    this is the most amazing garden i ve ever seen