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I am particularly excited to share something special today, a new series I have been inspired to create, and seeing as how it is my birthday, what better day to gift you all with some new inspiration. And for a double dose of life juice follow my day to day cooking and growing tips on Instagram: Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. Imagine chomping into a fresh tomato picked right off the vine, its divine! Today I am going to take you on a guided journey to help you get inspired to grow your own food, and I am making it as easy as possible. Some of the things that we go over in this video: 1. Selecting the right soil for seeds 2. Selecting the right seeds 3. Knowing your growing conditions 4. Planting seeds 5. Thinning out seeds. 6. Using grow lights 7. Watering your plants 8. Germinating seeds 9. Replanting foods 10. Saving seeds 11. Taking care of your seedlings 12. Selecting containers to plant in 13. Understanding your limitations music by Blue Wednesday Related PostsLearn How to Garden.comLearn How to Garden.comLearn How to Garden.comLearn How to Garden.comLearn How to Garden.comLearn How to

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  • TriniPoptartz 5 months ago

    I absolutely love this video…. thank you for doing this…. I live in the Caribbean so no cold here tho lol

  • Robin Lillian 5 months ago

    It's nice, but farming is difficult if you are really trying to feed yourself instead of just playing around. You need to work hard every day, and if the harvest fails, you could starve without outside food. A few fresh cucumbers and tomatoes etc are great, but not enough to survive on. You need far more than a backyard space to really grow your own food

  • homesteading hombre 🙂

  • shutup shit head 5 months ago

    This guy is just… i recommend not taking his advice. Bacteria is good for you.

  • here is a farmers trick i want to pass onto you. if you want to keep your apple trees worm free without insectices…use the old smoke out the tree trick…basically you take a wheel barrel and dry leaves , not bone dry and you burn them so there is a lot of smoke and you run it under the trees during the spring. the moth hates the smell of smoke…anyways you will find on you tube a video how to do it and how ofter and when…so hope some information has been useful to you. best wishes, and if you ever go on the internet look up watson road salmon arm b.c canada that was named after my dad. Salmon Arm is amazing place to live. take care now. ps I was raised where i was told to go out in the garden everyday and got my lunch and my supper, fresh…so awesome…
    psalms 37: 9,10,11,29 and revelation 21: 3, 4 as well as Daniel 2:44 talks about better times to come, just thought i tell you about that….best wishes, god bless…:)

  • when my son was 17 he had his first green house home business. it was fun by the time 4 months had gone he had 6000 bedding plants. talk about a green thumb, unfortunately he left it behind and now in his thirties hes a electrian. he had a wood heater that he worked at a friends place to obtain it. he would keep stoking the stove every 2 hours..he keep the tempeture in the green house at a perfect 60 or 65 if i remember …but germination it was higher…

  • to make sure your plants dont go leggy adjust the grow light as the plant grows, because if your light is too far awayfrom the seedling it strugles for the light and grows to fast. so as the plant grows raise the lights. but after a while it no longer matters about the distance. because by then when your ready to plant outdoors. leggy plants are weak plants.

  • hi my father had 6 sextions of land in canada and that is over 4000 acres. 640 acres per sextion …anyways here is a hint for you to help grow your plants. use wood ashes in your garden. its wonderful and full of nutrition ,, do a little experiment. take two tomato plants and grow one in soil without wood ashes and one with and you will notice the difference.
    and grow your plants up against a brick wall the heat will help a lot

  • Bárbara Giuliana 5 months ago

    You are so inspiring! I can't wait to become a plant lady haha. Thank you for your helpful videos.

  • GreenFriendlyHome 5 months ago

    Great advice. A great garden or yard or balcony needs a "greenfriendlyhome best water hose 2019" to go with it. You can find it on youtube

  • MsCasslong 5 months ago

    I love this video. So helpful and informative

  • Elvia Eden 5 months ago

    Have you ventured into canning? We are going to attempt a garden, but if we have excess, would love to can.

  • Amy Sirawsky 5 months ago

    Do you compost? It’s a natural fertilizer

  • michael beaumont 5 months ago

    Love your work man

  • Amy Huang 5 months ago

    thank you! so excited for this. can't wait for your book!

  • OutdoorsMan 5 months ago

    just stay to what ya

  • OutdoorsMan 5 months ago


  • Finding Health 5 months ago

    And the book sounds great!