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  • TheQookieMonster 1 year ago

    Name of air pump thanks

  • charles philippe 1 year ago

    will you ever go LED ????

  • Dove Paradise 1 year ago

    I'm sorry, also how often did you do a complete change of your resivoir water?

  • Dove Paradise 1 year ago

    Clay is porous so I didn't think I could wash the Hydroton. Can you tell us what you wash it with? I love the idea. Thank you!

  • Krisna Barces 1 year ago

    El sultan

  • charles philippe 1 year ago

    hydro cost ??

  • BishDish 1 year ago


  • Montana Spring 1 year ago

    growing food just makes sense

  • Deborah Drake 1 year ago

    I have watched seems like hundreds of video's ,, Yours is Great ! You show all things you need, like seed part was great ! I wish I would of seen this first ! Can you talk about lights and about the grow tent, like what is all reguired for tent setup. I think this is so Cool  ! Thank you so much !

  • Joan Solitario 1 year ago

    Great detailed video! Thank you so much for this! :)

  • TheMaltodexter 1 year ago

    great video! what is your organic mixture? Cheers!

  • Unique Mechanics 1 year ago

    Learn to grow Veggies indoors, Hydroponics, DIY so simple