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  • TheRubiconInvasion 1 year ago

    I've learned that…Epsom Salt makes my tomato plants grow 15 foot tall…..I've learned that those mater plants grow great up lattice better than staking….Great Video!..Dave in WV…

  • Joshua Finley 1 year ago


  • Pops Quest 1 year ago

    Hey, Thanks for checking it out, Those are called IBC's or sometimes referred to as "Totes" I have a plant near by that makes an oil from oil that they ship from sweden. They can sell them for more than it would cost to ship them back. We get them for $50 each and they hold 275 gallons. I have 3 at the home garden and 7 at the big shop garden. We pump pond water into them with a solar panel, there is a vid up about it, and collect rain water also, we pay 0 for watering the garden!

  • Traci Williams 1 year ago

    Enjoyed your video. Was that a rainwater catching device for watering your garden? Sorry. The thing with the big square plastic containers really looked interesting and we'd like to figure out a way to water our garden less expensively.

  • Pops Quest 1 year ago

    Thank you, It was fun to make…. and to learn

  • prepperchickie 1 year ago

    great video, I too have learned some of the same things!!

  • YokoWenis 1 year ago

    Nice video. I'm starting the garden this year for the first time. So much to know…

  • Pops Quest 1 year ago

    Yes it is…, Thanks Carroll

  • Carroll49 1 year ago

    This is what's called "Wisdom"

  • stayingawake20 1 year ago

    I've learned that…… this was a way cool vid! Thanks Pop!

  • tysy73 1 year ago

    I like your attitude. I don't think pineapples would do too well up here in Idaho either 🙁

  • Pops Quest 1 year ago

    Thank you sir, we have a bulk compost bin at home and are trying to get it ready for spring. I am glad you enjoyed it , I really enjoyed making it, Take Care-

  • MidwestMiddleClass 1 year ago

    This really is a great video. Being a fellow gardener I can REALLY relate to these "learnins".

    One of my biggest learnins is BULK COMPOST!
    I knew it made sense before I even tried it but I had no idea how effective it can be.

    Thanks for this video.
    I really enjoyed it.

  • Pops Quest 1 year ago

    Glad you liked it! I used to brew beer and I miss that awesome freshness. I do have a batch of wine going right now! Take care-

  • Pops Quest 1 year ago

    Glad you liked it, thanks for checking it out, that tree is doing great right now!

  • GooseArrow 1 year ago

    Love this! Especially the praying for a tree. If you only knew all of the praying I have done for my garden, cows, etc. lol

  • Pops Quest 1 year ago

    Hahaha, Glad you got a kick out of that, Thanks for stopping by Bobby, I have learned so much from your vids, Take Care and God Bless

  • mhpgardener 1 year ago

    LOL.. "dirt ain't dirt cheap"… especially when it comes in a bag. Good advice on the seed bank. Well done sir.

  • seaotter1975 1 year ago

    You're right about those pepper plants! I wish I would have started gardening a long time ago also; maybe I'd know a lot more now. Nice video.

  • mojopin12 1 year ago

    Man, I can not agree with you more on gardening. Let us just say on a scale of 1-10 I have registered a solid -5. Hence the emphasis on freeze dried storage.