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// F R E E P O R T U G U E S E S T A R T E R K I T 📌 Download the free Starter Kit: 20 pages of practical content to help you get started in learning European Portuguese // T R A N S C R I P T A N D T R A N S L A T I O N This is a video of the Portuguese Lab Podcast. Check the blog post: 📢 This is a European Portuguese lesson for beginners and it focuses on Portuguese vocabulary related to the garden. // S U B S C R I B E F O R R E G U L A R V I D E O S 📌 If you needed to garden for survival, what would you grow? What tools would you need? How would you garden? Let’s discuss it! Find my book Grow or Die here: Compost Your Enemies T-shirts: Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting: See my new Expat Tiny House build show only at Unauthorized: Get FREE PLANTS FOR EVERYONE in paperback on Amazon: Or direct from my publisher: Patreon: Paypal: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWhat We Can Learn From a Garden Weed [4 Lessons]Spaceworkers curves concrete roof and glass walls for Cabo de Vila in Portugal byLearn Dutch for beginners : garden items in Dutch languageWHO European Healthy Cities Network: annual business and technical conferenceHow To Build A Thatch Roof, UK European styleWelcome address of WHO Director-General to the WHO European Health Cities Network Summit of Mayors

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  • Saad Altuilaai 5 months ago

    Since the lady was adressing the man with "o senhor" why did she say "planta-as"? Shouldn't it be "plante-as"?

  • Drakla Shadow 5 months ago

    thank you so much for this, i have recently moved to Portugal and didn't speak a word of the language, couldn't find any apps or classes either so having this really helped.

  • James Bailey 5 months ago

    Obrigado pelo vídeo! O que é a diferença entre 'Temos de limpar' e 'Temos que limpar'?

  • Lisa Kukla 5 months ago

    Here in Tulsa a few years ago the city ripped out a woman's entire Permaculture garden because someone supposedly complained that it was unkempt. They hauled off her little pickup, even chopped down her walnut tree. She was unemployed and in ill health, and everything in the garden was either food or medicine. She tried to bring a suit, but ultimately the city prevailed. Oh, did I mention that she was a black woman in a black neighborhood? Yeah. Shame.

  • C.J. Rogers 5 months ago

    You touched on it sort of, but I think one of the best survival plants to have in the ground, in zone 9+, is moringa. Super easy to grow, simple to propagate, extremely nutritious, low care perennial, almost unkillable once established. It's not the greatest tasting thing on its own, but a handful added to that calorie-filled but nutritionally lacking yam or yuca or potato turns that dish into complete nutrition, literally every micronutrient needed to thrive. Perhaps most importantly, it provides the full range of essential amino acids for human health, something that would be extremely difficult to obtain in a societal collapse scenario.

    Plant hickories, too! You'll always have squirrel close by!

  • unsalted tomato 5 months ago

    I can't believe you finished your last sentence. It wasn't as awesome as I thought it'd be to hear it, I hope it's just a fluke. Thanks for the tips

  • Cadaver thehacker 5 months ago

    Ur right about the beans. Lectins, but also phytates. Antinutrients and enzyme blockers. I keep beans to sprout them or for microgreens. They grow 7x In size, nutrition, and digestability in like 3 days.

  • Cadaver thehacker 5 months ago

    The first thing I'd grow is potatoes and amaranth. 7b in WA, USA.

  • Cadaver thehacker 5 months ago

    Hollow earth? That's insane. Earth has enough mass to hold onto a bunch of heat, that's y it's not cold like the hollow moon that reflects power off saturn and upholds the laws of samsara, trapping our souls on earth in a never ending cycle of reincarnation.

  • Tirzah Schmaltz 5 months ago

    Wuh hawk en corn.

  • Rhea Griffiths 5 months ago

    So I was (admittedly) split screening and the convo turned to people stealing your foods and having unrecognizable stuff. Ha! My brother from another mother. I ripped out everything inedible or non medicinal and started over with just this thought process. No one ever wants crappy stuff to happen, but it can and sone moribgs I wake up and am positive it might so out I go to plant more stuff.
    "Welcome to my death forest, looter. Ha ha ha. " priceless.

  • Scott Allen 5 months ago

    Do your firethorn hedge fence to enfriendly the neighbor kids. Ordered some seeds to try a few with the goal of grafting some other Rosacea on 'em.

  • Maz Newgrow 5 months ago

    Great vibes!

  • Louis Brentnell 5 months ago

    I like it!