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Dutch words and sentences: house and garden. Hear the right pronunciation and read the right spelling – with English subtitles. Many Dutch words like: house, door, room, kitchen, bathroom, furniture, window, stairs, garden, neigbours and more! – All spoken and written in Dutch. With pronunciation exercise. Increase your vocabulary. Enjoy this free online Dutch lesson! ~ Learn Dutch online with Rozemarijn ~ — EN: Learn Dutch language online. House and garden. Dutch lessons: words and sentences. Dutch Online with Rozemarijn. NL: Nederlands leren online. Huis en tuin. Woorden en zinnen, voorbeeldzinnen. Nederlands Online met Rozemarijn. — Overview all movies Dutch Online With Rozemarijn: Video Rating: / 5 Have re-edited this film in HD as one of the fundamental things you can do to affect the size and taste of your chilli crop is to use the right size container and no time is more pertinent than now. Mark Abbott-Compton Ten Minute Gardener Hi My name is Mark Abbott Compton I’ve been growing vegetables and fruit for over 45 years using No-Dig,Raised beds and classic techniques all with one aim, quite simply ‘All about the taste’ this YouTube Channel is where I’ll upload all my episodes of my regular gardening show The Ten Minute Gardener For more in depth films and details of our Online Courses head over to my website, subscribe to my free monthly newsletter and you’ll get access to a monthly tutorial video all about gardening tips, how-tos, why-tos and when-tos recipes and all those hints and tips that a lifetimes gardening teaches you,how to get fantastic results without wasting time,effort and money Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLearn Dutch for beginners : garden items in Dutch languageHow To Draw and Paint House for kids, Tree In The Garden for Children to Learn Colors[Electro House] […]

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  • Crissy Kohrell 1 year ago

    oh my god thank you so much. Ive been looking for something just like this. ♥

  • Learn Dutch Online With Rozemarijn 1 year ago

    Dutch words and sentences (YouTube video): house and garden. Hear the right #pronunciation and read the right spelling – with English subtitles. Many #Dutch words like: house, door, room, kitchen, bathroom, furniture, window, stairs, garden, neigbours and more!
         All spoken and written in Dutch. With pronunciation exercise. Increase your #vocabulary . Enjoy this free online Dutch lesson! #dutchcourse #freeonlinelessons

  • Learn Dutch Online With Rozemarijn 1 year ago

    Thanks for your compliment!

  • Learn Dutch Online With Rozemarijn 1 year ago

    Thank you for your great compliments! I'm very pleased to hear!

  • cornpadhd5 1 year ago

    Brilliant video. I learned so much because it's all in Dutch. I found it really easy to follow because of the words on screen and the visual prompts. Very well designed.
    Other language learning videos frustrate me because usually 90% of what one hears is English.

  • rainbowneutron 1 year ago

    Wonderful video!!

  • Florence Kalma 1 year ago

    Have a few seedlings that just sprouted. Thanks for the info

  • blueray1969 1 year ago

    Hi. Fantastic post, really very vrry useful! I sowed seeds in January and my propagator got some very succesful early germination. Since then the plants have all appeared perfectly healthy but very very slow growing. I pricked them out into some of those biodegradeable pots and then repotted tgat into a larger size of tge same. My theory was that tge roots would grow through the sides of the smaller pots ok. Seeing this video now makes me think that the roots aren't growing enough. I really didn't want to repot because of the shock it causes the seedlings. It's now the last days of May and the largest plants are about 3 inches tall. Should I repot this time, removing the larger hessian pot but leaving the one inside…I think trying to remove that will ruin the roots already there. I have a few deep pots, you know the ones you buy roses in? Would they be too tall and narrow? I'm hoping the additional room for roots will be a real tonic for my chillies…

  • Hyperdog009 1 year ago

    My left ear really enjoyed this video.

  • Mohsen Baghizadeh 1 year ago

    I have few chilie pots , but unfortunately it doesn't give any fruits, as soon as it gives flowers, the next day all flower drops, I have no idea why, but if you have , I'll be grateful. thanks in advance

  • Calvin Chen 1 year ago

    Awesome video. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • martysgarden 1 year ago

    Awesome tutorial, as I am just starting to grow Chili plants in pots in containers at home. I want to create some products with the fruits for my micro farm in Australia.
    Many Thanks
    Marty Ware (Australian Micro Farmer)

  • Lily Bruggeman 1 year ago

    Very good explaination 🙂 I grow chili's for years now and they mostly stay in the house as i keep them as adult plants (or how do you say this in english) so some of my plants or a few years old, still growing and giving more and more peppers each year :p

  • Jason Dykstra 1 year ago

    Thank you! great video. I usually grow all of my chilis in the ground but this year my garden is massive and I just don't think I can dig anymore holes so I plan on growing some in containers and this video basically answered any questions I had in regards to that. Great work and thank you again

  • Trev's Outback and Gold Adventures 1 year ago

    Excellent video.Thanks for all the detailed info.

  • Curly Cruz 1 year ago

    I didn't get a word, his accent is weird. x)

  • straxx99 1 year ago

    size does matters !

  • Phanom Raksaphanaphai 1 year ago

    Does this apply only for growing Chillies?

  • Tomislav Vidmar 1 year ago

    tnx for the advice

  • Captain Ron 1 year ago

    No audio.

  • The Potsmith 1 year ago

    What age were they when you put them in these pots?

    Did they go from their germination plugs straight into the larger pots or did you gradually increase their pot size?

  • Max Zauner 1 year ago

    i have my carolina reapers and ghost peppers in 17L pots

  • James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย 1 year ago

    I love growing Thai Chili.

  • What? 1 year ago

    Thanks for the info. It really makes sense that a larger pot will yield larger plants, yet I never thought about it.

  • LearnHowToGarden 1 year ago