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Radha Mani explains how Government subsidy had prompted her to set up a vegetable garden in her terrace. She says she is happy about eating fresh, pesticide free vegetables ever since she set the terrace garden. NEWS 7 TAMIL facebook: twitter: Related PostsSuccessful Maadi Thottam (Terrace Garden) in Madipakkam | Step by Step | Poovali | News7 TamilBenefits of organic terrace gardening | Poovali | News7 TamilAesthetics of useful Terrace Vertical Gardening | Poovali | News7 TamilBenefits of terrace gardening & how to create simply @ your home | Poovali | News7 TamilMake your own organic fertiliser for your Terrace Garden | Poovali | News7 TamilHow to set Fruit and Vegetable Garden on the Terrace | Poovali | News7 Tamil

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  • Raja Vj2 3 weeks ago

    hi raja from.malaysia

    if i want 2 buy few mooligai???

  • priya pree 3 weeks ago

    i would like to know, is that kit be available for ppl from other than chennai and coimbatore?
    kindly help

  • Shilu Sada 3 weeks ago

    For further info: 

    Assistant Collector’s office, Horticultural Department, Madhavavaram, Chennai – 600051.

    Telephone: 044 25554443

  • Rajive Fdo 3 weeks ago
  • Kishore Krish 3 weeks ago

    Can you provide the details as to where and how can we get these Government's DIY kits for terrace farming ?