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From seeds to sapling, to a full grown plant that can bear seeds, a plant goes through a series of changes. Let’s have a close look at its life cycle! Get our iOS Apps: Get our Android Apps: Get our eBooks: Our YouTube Channels: English Channel: Hindi Channel: Kannada Channel: Tamil Channel: Telugu Channel: Gujarati Channel: Marathi Channel: Sindhi Channel: Bengali Channel: Academy Channel: Other similar videos: Subscribe now and be the first one to watch our new videos: To buy our Books and CDs, please visit us at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPlants Life Cycle l Animation Poems l For The Childrens lScience: Plant Life Cycle/ SeedsScience: Plant Life Cycle / Plant Parts / Plant NeedsScience: Plant Life Cycle / Plant Parts / Plant NeedsScience: Plant Life Cycle / Plant Parts / Plant NeedsAmazing Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

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    I don't get it

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    You didn't say how many weeks,399 good comments will have to agree mine first!
    Its 87% better.Thats not all information but good.

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    what accent is that?

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    thanks..but i need the full information..but thanks anyway 😀

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    Biology test today… morning… watching this

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    Very good. But a little hard to understand

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    I like the video very much, educating one!

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    OMG MY PLANTS R GROWING U R THE BEST ! btw after i watched this it just started growing

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    raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah bbbbbooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy gooooooooooooooood woooooooooooooork !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Search pet tickleme plant to grow the only house plant that moves and closes when you Tickle It!

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    can you do abou parts of a sedd and parts of a flower. your great.

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    thanks for the video, i will use it with my classes when we grow our TickleMe Plants, that move when the kids tickle them!

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    whos your lil one?

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    nice………. thanks for uploading. I'll use it for my lil one