Common Backlight Inverter Problems & Solutions for LCD TV Repair


This video is designed to be a guide for testing and troubleshooting your TV repair. Please note that other complications may exist that aren’t addressed in this guide. While we always strive to provide accurate and detailed information, we can’t guarantee that it will fix your TV’s issues.

I would like to say that if you are having
a problem with your TV be sure to check the
model number first. The model number appears
in this little box over here. Every TV is
different, this is a Sony LCD TV but you will
see the model number and serial number over
in a box like this. The model number are very
important because that is what will help you
to identify what parts are needed to repair
your TV. If you are having a problem with
your TV, please feel free to comment in the
comments section below this video or send
us a message on YouTube with your TV model
number and the problem that you are having.
This way we will be able to help you diagnose
the problem and suggest a fix. So the first
thing you are going to want to
do is make sure you have unplugged your TV
from any power source and that you have also
grounded yourself properly. Next you will
want to take out the screws in the TV that
are holding the back cover on it. Every back
cover of at TV is different but most are held
in by screws and can be easily removed. So
we have removed all of the screws here on
the back of the TV, now we are just going
to remove this back panel.
Over here we have the backlight inverter,
this part can often be covered by a metal
or plastic cover so you may have to take out
some screws to get to this part if you are
going to replace it. The backlight inverter
is what controls your CCFLs or your light
source for the TV. The backlight inverter
again takes the power from the power supply
and turns on the lights that supply the light
for your TV. The backlight inverter is typically
connected to the panel and you will want to
be extrememly careful when you are removing
any of these pieces. There are different types
of connections from the backlight inverter
to the panel and typically most are fragile.
Some common problems with the backlight inverter.
So if you turn on your TV and you see your
image show up on the screen for a second and
then the screen goes black it could be your
backlight inverter that is causing this problem.
So if you have sound coming from your TV but
you don’t have an image it could also be the
backlight inverter that is causing this problem.
Thank you for watching our LCD video.
Again, just a reminder that if you have any
issues with your TV and you can’t quite figure
out the problem, feel free to comment below
this video in the comment section and try
and be sure to include your TV model number,
possibly the serial number and any symptoms
or problems that your TV is displaying. If
you do not want to post a comment below the
video, please feel free to send us a YouTube
message. The more information that you can
provide to us about your TV issue, the faster
and more accurate our response can be.
Thank you for watching one of our many tutorials
here at If you have any further
questions regarding your repair, simply post
a question in the comment section below or
call our award winning customer service team
at the number on your screen.
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LCD TV Repair Tutorial – Backlight Inverter Common Symptoms & Solutions – How to Fix LCD TVs

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  • Christian Schroeder

    Hey Jimmy
    My Sony Bravia KDL-50W686a only shows stripes on the screen an there are strange "piep"noises coming straight out the LED-Driver board Can you help me ?

  • JanningJuul

    The backlight turns on in both sides for a second on my Phillips 56pfl9954h and then it turns off.- I can see the picture when using a flashlight.- Any hints to fix that?

  • E Kryption (electrickrypt)

    I have a Dynex DX40L150A11.
    What an adventure this was. Had it working for about two hours. Originally, the TV would automatically power off the screen a few seconds after turning on. Everything else besides the screen would stay on. The screen would go completely black, not super dim, completely powering off the screen. This told me that the power supply was still good. The picture looked fine which told me that the T-Con board was fine. Though, before the screen would turn off, the lighting of the screen would flicker a bit. Could be bad bulbs, backlighting, or bad inverter board.

    I am thinking that whatever is causing the flickering is sending an error signal to the power supply telling it to power down the screen.

    I started by taking the TV completely apart and inspected everything (I thought). The back of the inverter board had some decent brown spots along with the backlighting. That's all compromised. Bad voltages. Once I got to the bulbs I first noticed that the two plastic covers over the sides of the bulbs were cracked. Once I removed those I then seen two bulbs were popped out on one side. This TV could have been dropped or hit hard, knocking the bulbs out of place, creating a power surge/interference that is detected by the inverter board, sending a signal to the power supply telling it to power down the screen. That being said, I popped the two bulbs back in place thinking that I had found the problem. Nope. Not that easy. Didn't solve the issue.

    I still believe my original thought that the bulbs were popped out from force causing a power surge/interference. I bet that surge caused damage to the circuitry on the inverter board (the brown spots). Upon further inspection I noticed a static sound coming from the inverter. The static sound was sync with the flickering of the image. The flickering was flicking from a dim to normal lighting and not from off to on.

    My only guess is perhaps the controller for the brightness/backlight has been damaged due to improper voltage (a power surge) and an error signal is being sent from inverter board to power supply. There is a wire from the inverter board going to the power supply called DIM. This sends signal for brightness/contrast/backlight control. Could also be responsible for sending the error signal. I disconnected this and grounded it.

    TV powered on properly. Everything worked fine except the brightness/contrast/backlight control but that's because I disconnected it. After about two hours, the screen turned off again. Everything else stayed on. Lol.

    I can turn it back on but every 15 minutes or so the screen would go black/power off. There is a good chance that I could just replace the inverter board (for about $20-30) but I am 50% sure that the entire backlighting is compromised (bulbs are fine). Something is still sending an error message to the power supply. It's a hit or miss. I need a voltage meter. Any suggestions?

  • Kelly Gehrke

    I have a Sanyo DP55D44-model, software 8-ms39309lf1v018, serial 16. I have lighting only on 1/2 of the tv. I thought at first it was a bulb. Ad you looking at the tv the lighting is on the left and the darkness is on the right. It would be awesome if i could fix this myself. thank you

  • Gabriel Bégin

    I have a viewsonic VP2030b and it starts flickering after a certain time (looks like the high resolution image make it flicker because it depends of the background wallpaper of my laptop). Yes I use it as a second monitor for my laptop. What can the problem be ? thank you

  • April Walker

    I have a Hitachi model LE55A6R9. It has sound, no backlights but images can be seen with a flashlight. Do you have the parts for this make and model tv?

  • Brhianna Price

    I have a vizio 60inch tv model#: E60-C3 and serial #: FTRRZAR3303260 it is showing black spots on certain areas of the tv how do I fix it myself?

  • Devon Wood

    I have a Hisense LCD LTDN42V68US and there is absolutely no picture at all. But I can still here sounds through the speakers on it.

  • Kri Gle

    Hi, I have LCD TV Grundig 37 VLC 7121 C. It has bad motherboard. I want to replace it. The question is, do I have to buy exact motherboard as mine?

  • Marc-Paul

    I have Sanyo DP19640.  Purchased CEJ535C board from you which is an identical replacement for board in TV. No change.  Here is the symptom.  Push power button.  Image appears on TV for 1 second and backlight goes out.  Putting a flashlight up to TV and you can see image without backlight and hear sound.  All other controls seem to work OK.  (menu etc.)  Each time I turn off the TV and turn it back on the backlight works for 1 second.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • WestWire

    my 32 inch Samsung LCD tv model number ln32d450g1d still currently works but is flickering kinda? like bright to a little less bright over and over with a weird hissing/buzzing noise like you hear in fluorescent tube lights when they are flickering? my first 1 same model that did this eventually went to straight black screen still sound though? is it that backlight inverter or is there a legit bulb that burnt out in my old 1 and is going to burn out in this 1?

  • Marva Ramsey

    Television plays for a little while then goes white but I can still hear sound coming from it. It may stay white for a few minutes or for several days then picture may come back.
    Brand: Sharp Model: LC-26SB24U Serial #: 809856366
    Thank you

  • PNW Dad

    Hi, helpful video. I have a KDL 55HX820 with 4 blinks. The
    power/reboot methods have not fixed the problem, so it looks like the TV
    has a true problem. When the TV is turned on, it stays on for around
    10 seconds before shut down and 4 blinks. During that time I an tell
    that there are multiple 3-4 large shadows along the bottom edge of the
    screen. It used to have one of these shadows prior to the
    shut-down/blink issue. Does this help identify that the problem is the
    LD board vs. main logic board? Or does this mean that the LED failure
    is causing the system failure? Is replacing a board and possibly the
    LED back lights a feasible solution? I appreciate any reply you can
    make to illuminate the problem and solution further.
    Thank you.

  • Animals

    I have VU lcd tv 46ïch, backlight not working, tested power supply to backlight inverter ~20v (actual 24v) ok, inverted board part no: SSI460_16A01 how to test backlight inverter board output to lcd

  • willwood487

    i have a Samsung 55in LCD TV. model # ln55c630k1fxza. TV powers on and will run for exactly 5min. then black screen and sound only.checked for swollen capacitors on main board as it appears to be a common issue these look good. possibly the inverter board? the exit hold button for 12 sec then enter resets system and returns picture for exactly 5 min. then black screen again. dark room with flashlight shows picture so I know it is a backlight issue. thought if the light had gone bad it wouldn't come back on. any help greatly appreciated

  • tatry1000

    LG :Model Number: 42LD520
    Serial Number: 008RMUY8D598
    Screen gets darker every so often on sides …I have changed capacitors and regulator ,
    I talked to one of TV shop’s here in B.C. he said it is a back light burning out ….
    See if this worth to repair…..Regards

  • Gabe Lobsinger

    My KDL 40S2000 Sony Bravia is having the following issue: Power up (directly plugged into outlet) then runs for a few seconds and shuts off – the standby indicator blinks red 4x and pauses – what, if any, helpful response might you be able to share with me. I'm ready to buy an inverter and replace, but wondered if I need to buy upper/lower – any assistance is greatly appreciated!

  • roopsi gupta

    model no is UN55F7100
    Samsung 55" Series 7 LED HDTV – UN55F7100 : TV is not turning on. There is no Red light and its very well connected. I was working fine till night and in morning no power. PLEASE HELP

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