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A no dig method to turn lawn into a productive vegetable garden or flower bed. Our Permaculture Channel Loganberry Forest: Video Rating: / 5 John from shares with you his ASMR sounds of his organic vegetable garden. In this episode, you will hear John like you never-have-before: IN whisper MODE!! John will give you a tour of his vegetable garden as well as many sounds of the garden and nature he gets to experience everyday he is in his edible backyard garden. You will learn about edible plants that have some amazing textures, amazing tastes as well as amazing health benefits. You will experience many sounds of the garden including watering plants, cutting plants, spinning the composter, feeling plants, spreading seeds, harvesting plants, crunching on plants, and much, much more. Aside from hearing the sounds of the garden, you are sure to learn a few things about growing a backyard edible raised bed vegetable garden. Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more Gardening videos: Follow John on Instagram at: Related PostsPlant a Front Lawn Ornamental Edible Vegetable GardenHow to turn your lawn into a vegetable gardenBackyard Permaculture Vegetable GardenSummer Edible Raised Bed Vegetable Garden TourHow to Prevent a Neighbor From Stealing Plants from Your Vegetable Garden and other Q&ASummer Backyard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Tour

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  • Richard Portelli 10 months ago

    check out the back to eden method by Paul Gautchi.

  • Georgie Pilgrim 10 months ago

    Love this idea. I think it will be perfect for our rental home, as it currently has no actual garden area for us!!

  • Sea & Silva 10 months ago

    Brilliant!! Can't wait to have a yard!! <3 <3

  • TheObsessedGardener 10 months ago

    Such a passionate gardening ASMR video. John- I feel your passion, man. I did some serious guerilla gardening when living in Newcastle Australia. It was just a pain as I didn't have a nearby water source 🙁
    Now I'm enjoying my plants on my balcony and in the shared space in front of our apartment block.
    Peace man!

  • Gavin Matthews 10 months ago

    god this is to good!

  • eveny119 10 months ago

    He did it, I was expecting to be jarred out of the quiet but no.

  • Yvencia Simmons 10 months ago

    Hello can you please tell me where can i buy some hot pepper seeds like White Ghost Peppers? :)

  • peyton knadler 10 months ago

    haha this video was hilarious, so cool to see so much variety. you're a really cool dude

  • Madre Nature 10 months ago

    LMAO!!! Instantly. I love you John for doing this.

  • kev2020 10 months ago

    I have no idea HOW I ever missed this vid! Upon seeing "ASMR" I clicked on it so quickly that my computer froze. I kept expecting John to start yelling halfway through the vid. The stinging nettles @ 6:12 had me laugh until tears rolled down my face. +1 like!

  • Angelic ASMR 10 months ago

    LOOVVE this one… I enjoy all videos on your channel but as a ASMR artist this was something of the best :D

  • Danica Rodriguez 10 months ago


  • Destiny's Pet Project Dog Rescue 10 months ago

    Creepy!! You sound like a gardening Mr. Rodgers!! LOL!

  • bleeding pine 10 months ago

    Totally normal……

    someone needs to mix this

  • Lalagartitita 10 months ago

    John is phytosexual :D

  • PPK Kriel 10 months ago

    Your a regular retard aren't you?

  • Asterio 10 months ago

    John, I didn't enjoy the quiet talk at all but I gave you a thumb up anyways like I always do. Tell me something…are you sure you don't smoke pot?? LOL!! take it easy man. Hugs from Honduras Central America, I'm spreading your knowledge down here!! God bless you brother!!

  • Erfman Beats 10 months ago

    Good example.

  • Mirakel Spektakel 10 months ago

    Haha i prefer the old yelling variety of John! This version is quite creepy!

    To be serious you made me laugh a bunch of times at 4min already, and laughing is great therapy! Awesome!
    Sad we couldnt hear the burning sensation of the nettles, i know how it feels like tho, a interesting thing tho try to touch them again and hold your breath and they wont burn you as long as you dont breathe in or out! I dare you to try it man and i promise you it works!

  • Matthew Chapman 10 months ago


  • Fatboys Farm 10 months ago

    I just went to touch my pepper plant.  But, it told me to ( leave ) it alone.

  • Bryan Tilley 10 months ago

    I honestly found it extremely relaxing to hear him scooping the dirt into pots. How weird. I guess i have found my calling shoveling soil around.