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Beautiful way to store succulent cuttings! Follow me on Instagram @lauralovessucculents for more DIY tips! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY Succulent Palm Tree “Frame”Succulent Tip of the Day (Vertical Wall)How to Irrigate Your Succulent Garden (Day 4)How to Create a Beautiful Succulent Wall HangingSucculent Vertical Wall Tips (Q&A)Succulent Shadowbox // Garden Answer

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  • Ana Banana 4 months ago

    Definitely a collector here!!

  • sarubala bala 4 months ago


  • genilda Carneiro 4 months ago


  • kyvanis 4 months ago

    1. How do you secure the gutter onto the fence? 2. where do you get the gutters?

  • Courtney Halleron 4 months ago

    I'm so excited I have found your channel! I just moved in to a house with a terraced garden in La Mesa, and I cannot wait to create a succulent garden. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful tips and ideas with us succulent enthusiasts. Your videos are a pleasure to watch and it makes it that little bit more exciting because I live in San Diego too 🙂

  • Ender Labot 4 months ago

    Can I give you my tip ?

  • Ledenir Oliveira 4 months ago


  • Susan V 4 months ago

    Hi Laura, Are those gutters PVC or metal?

  • Margaret Conlon 4 months ago

    I am looking to buy donkeys tail. A lady offered me a piece for $10 IS THIS THE RIGHT PRICE. mARGARET

  • memories1002 4 months ago

    Such a great idea. Can't wait to make one myself.

  • Guster hero 4 months ago

    When you pop in new cuttings how do you know when to water? what if you're always popping in new ones? Don't you have to wait a few days for the cuttings to dry in the soil before you water?

  • I saw this video last year and asked my husband to replicate it for my birthday! He did and it just keeps getter prettier and prettier. I want him to do more. I love it! I wish there was a way I could share the pictures with you

  • Connie Miller 4 months ago

    How did you secure your gutters to handle the weight? I don't want my neighbor to be staring at screw ends poking out. Thanks!

  • Freesia 4 months ago

    My sister started to plant succulent plants for the first time and we were both not sure if it will grow.Yesterday, I was searching on YouTube and found your videos and we were like…wow! I felt like was I born yesterday having no knowledge about these beautiful plants and we are living in CA.Just love your videos. You are a strong person, yet funny and witty.You have a new fan right here.