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Beginner’s Guide To Gardening 101!!! Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. Imagine chomping into a fresh tomato, cucumber or strawberry picked right off the vine, its awesome and fresh! Today I am going to show you what we did to start our garden and to inspire you to grow your own food, and I am making it as easy as possible for a DIY garden experience! Have fun with your garden!

Some things to research before starting your garden:

1. Selecting the right soil for seeds
2. Selecting the right seeds
3. Knowing your growing conditions
4. Understanding how to plant seeds
5. How many hours of sunlight your garden area gets per day
6. Understanding your limitations
7. Watering your plants
8. Germinating seeds
9. Selecting or making a gardening box
10.The best time to plant for your geographic area

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Laugh & Learn Grow-the-Fun Garden to Kitchen Assembly

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  • Lesly Valencia

    3 years ago when I was 12 I liked having my garden. I grew tomatoes, jalapeños, pickles, strawberries, and Yerba buena (idk the English name) and I’d be happy eating food I grew. Someone kept eating my strawberries before I got to eat some. Now I’ll see if I can make a new garden this summer cause I enjoyed gardening. I just got the grass yanked out by a axe, dug a hole and put the plant in and put rocks around the the perimeter and for the taller plants I did tie it to a stick. it wasn’t the best garden setup but hey the plants grew that’s what matters

  • Sharon Rose

    I have never seen a garden box built like this before. I have watched a lot of videos. This was absolutely awesome with amazing ideas! The chicken wire, newspaper, etc. I never considered weeds growing up thru the box into the garden. Awesome video!

  • John Holloway

    Super video!
    I have a plot a little larger than what you have that I will be planting in a year or so. It is now just weeds and grass. I am going to kill the weeds and grass, but I do not wish to use chemicals. Instead I will simple use garden soil and cardboard.
    Should I lay the cardboard over the weeds and grass, then the garden soil on top of the cardboard?
    Should I put the garden soil over the weeds and grass, then place the cardboard over the garden soil?

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