I walk you around one of Chicago’s Best Parks in the heart of the city, that features butterfly gardens and a large prairie restoration project. You can see late summer blooms work to feed the monarchs. Be amazed! Plant natives! If you are not sure what to plant, check out my book BEE NATIVE! Flower Power on Amazon
( https://amzn.to/2KbDjrd ).
I break down natives by sun needs, then height, so you can pick the perfect plants to pop in your yard. I hand illustrated every flower and map. It’s a labor of love, but also a way to DO SOMETHING to help the bee crisis-and the planet. One out of three bites of food comes to you thanks to a pollinator. If they go, so do we. Their populations are dwindling. #savethebees #savethemonarchs #plantnatives #beenative #flowerpower

Plant Salon is a lush, calming boutique that is the perfect place to focus on the beauty rituals while indulging in your love of plants.

Late Summer Native Plant Walk, Midwest Natives Butterfly Sanctuary, Humboldt Park Chicago

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