Late-June Vegetable Garden Tour Zone 6

Welcome to the late-June Vegetable Garden tour of my Zone 6, Ohio garden.

I am growing in Zone 6a, mid-western Ohio, and focus on growing things I love to eat (vegetables, fruits & herbs), with flowers thrown in primarily for the pollinators & beneficial insects.
Today I share what is growing, being harvested and some pest & critter challenges happing in late June at 1 of my garden locations. Look for an update on the 2nd garden soon!

00:00 Intro & Thank you!
00:52 Grow Tub Potatoes- early harvest
01:50 North Side Raised Beds
03:04 A Word on Companion Planting
06:27 Rhubarb Harvest Tip
07:34 North & East Side Raised Beds
11:21 Chickens in the Garden
12:16 South End In-ground Rows
14:20 Cucumber Beetles, Bacterial Wilt & my beef with Traps
16:24 South End In-ground Rows continued
20:52 Middle Garden In-ground Beds
23:13 Outside the Garden Fence

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Late-June Vegetable Garden Tour Zone 6

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  • Eric Mastenbrook

    I’ve been plagued with 3-lined potato beetles (basically cucumber beetles) and I started spraying with Monterey Garden Insect Spray. It knocked them back really well. I’ll still see one or two but they were absolutely infested before I started spraying. And their little gooey booger larvae that was all over the place has disappeared.

  • Eric Mastenbrook

    Onions and chives over winter here in West Michigan (6b) without a problem. I’ve also had kale and strawberry spinach make it through, about which I was shocked.

  • Raymond Kyruana

    I don't know how I'm just now finding this channel but I'm so glad I did! You have such a uniquely awesome garden and an impressive amount of space

  • Ashley Ricker

    Question how did you go about the onions you had planted in the fall did you plant a bulb or by seed or did you start them from seed and then planted them??

  • Jessica Willman

    Loving your channel! Suggestion for cabbage worm issues, try neem oil as preventative and BT as a defense once you have eggs or worms (I pulled off eggs and worms before using BT) forgot the neem oil early on so I ha to go into defense mode but was able to save most of my plants! Both suggestions considered organic

  • Stephanie Noel

    Hi! Enjoyed this video. Was wondering about your onions… did you start from sets? And can you share the variety and get and where you got them?? Thank you!

  • The Garden Family

    Watched it twice already! Making notes about flowers to try for next year. Thanks for the video and inspiration!

  • Russ Hjelm

    I love it when Mother Nature reseeds stuff for me. The reseeded plants seem to do better as they are more naturalized for my particular location.

  • Melissa Kingery

    You have a beautiful garden so excited about joining your channel! I've done pretty good with tomatoes and cucumbers but the vine borers wouldn't leave my squash alone no matter my methods I have 3 patty pan squash on my porch in containers

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