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OpTic has had a rough start to CoD Champs 2016 and we’re facing elimination. We now must win every match. FIND ME HERE ► ► ►Snapchat = MrOpTicJ ►Periscope = OpTicJ OLD MEN OF OPTIC STREAM SCHEDULE ►Monday through Friday, 3 pm pacific ►Weekends: follow me on Twitter for updates SPONSORS ►Turtle Beach Elite Pros: ►Brisk Mate ►Scuf ►Gymshark ►Lootcrate OPTIC GAMING ► ► ► MUSIC CREDITS ►Title: Pegboard Nerds – Hero (feat. Elizaveta) ►Video Link: ►Title: Dubstep ►Listen on ►I am a member of the Monstercat licensing program Thank you to all fans of the Green Wall for supporting OpTic Gaming, as well as my channel and social properties above. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOpTic Gaming: Behind the Green WallFiddler’s Green Wall of FolkGREEN WALL TOO STRONG!THE GREEN WALL WILL NEVER FALLExpanding Africa’s Great Green WallVaygrim’s Chance 3 – #39 West Garden Tower

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  • HFCJBT 1 year ago

    so that's how they remember all those words, ha! College has me trying to memorize an essay when professionals do it with help… >.> 1:13

  • Nick Williams 1 year ago


  • Luis gameplayes 1 year ago

    team optic

  • Deniz :3 1 year ago

    i missed you pals! :(

  • NABSTER Production 1 year ago

    I don't like this DownFall 🙁 However, they need to work together and become CHAMPIONS 😀 #GreenWall #BRISKMATE

  • Julian Abrego 1 year ago

    Im sorry Optic J for the loss. I was at the venue 100% turnt up. All I wanted is for our boys to take it. Its still GREENWALL on mine.

  • justin cowles 1 year ago

    "Big and Small, Members of the Green Wall."

    🙂 I like that.

  • Norwegian Rambo 1 year ago

    Im sad :(

  • Bartonologist 1 year ago

    Great try by OG. Sad that they are out

  • Michael Lampos (MCM Gaming) 1 year ago

    I can't believe they're out

  • baseball 101 1 year ago

    Where that mincraft bridges at tho

  • Deniz :3 1 year ago


  • FaTaLViru5 1 year ago

    Wow i realized ive been a fan since u and fwiz and di3sel lived in burbank in that 3 bedroom apartment in 2011 and use to stream.Then that one time u guys ordered pizza and accidently said your address on stream. lol Wow ive been a fan for 5 years Ive been gaming for 32 years and I am happy that yourself and h3cz and everyone in OpTic have made it to what it is and have made cod and gaming in general into what it is today. All the respect in the world Love you guys

  • kazziegames 1 year ago

    Let's go pal, here's to the best losers bracket run of all time powered by bananas :D

  • Justin Deese 1 year ago

    all in all I'm just another brick in the #greenwall.

  • !The Finned Cardinals! 1 year ago

    Hero Hero #wecandoit #optic #Letsdoit

  • xKiller_Wolfx 1 year ago

    Green Wall Never Falls!!!

  • Thomas Shelby 1 year ago

    did they lose?

  • black fire 1 year ago


  • CRAZY CHALLENGE 1 year ago

    4th Oh Gosh