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Shenandoah Growers is the largest retail producer of organic herbs in the United States. They recently transformed their cultivation facility with a hybrid vertical farm and greenhouse model powered by Fluence horticulture lighting solutions. Learn more: Shenandoah said the transformation has boosted crop yields and quality while reducing land, water and fertilizer resources: “Fluence became our partners in growth in discussing what would be the ideal light for supplemental greenhouse growing. One of the reasons we went to LEDs versus less expensive high pressure sodium was we’re looking at the future. We know there’s less maintenance costs involved in the long term, we also know that these particular lights we can use the same amount of electricity, but we’re getting a much high micromole output.” Shenandoah Growers is utilizing 612 VYPR lights in their new production facility, 120 VYPR lights in their new propagation area, and 56 VYPR lights in their microgreen production. Those VYPR lights are putting out an average of 160 micromoles, compared to their high pressure sodium lights, which have approximately 75 micromoles. Shenandoah also saw improvement due to the light spectrum of the new VYPR lights. The quality enhanced, the flavonoid content enhanced, the plants were more compact, didn’t stretch, and they got a much fresher, more flavorful, and higher-antioxidant content product out to their customers. See more about VYPR grow lights: Our decision was to utilize the same amount of energy, but increase our intensity of light and our spectrum of light to enhance our production. So we gain higher productivity, which means faster turnovers, which means less energy use per pot. This cuts down on our carbon footprint, it’s good for the environment, and good economically. Fluence Bioengineering is an LED grow light company located in Austin, TX. For more information, visit […]

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  • Tricky-D Labs 6 months ago


  • DWCannabisgrower 6 months ago

    So streamlined and effective the way the lights and watering system stay in place and the racks are just rolled in and out. This company is the real deal and working with Fluence was a wise decision.

  • Alan Campbell 6 months ago

    Great video Nick. Bob, what a facility. Incredible.

  • TTWW7 6 months ago

    Nice. No wonder I could never keep them alive when I transplant them from the store! Too bad.

  • Paradigm shift m 6 months ago

    best leds out i love my spyder x pluss

  • Chris Higgins 6 months ago

    Well done Fluence.

  • Malik Spydr 6 months ago