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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY — The world’s largest indoor vertical farm is well on its way to producing millions of pounds of food a year while using less water. Last December, AeroFarms Inc. secured million in a Series B round of venture funding, paving the way for its 70,000 square foot facility in Newark, New Jersey, which the company says has the potential to produce 2 million pounds of food a year. Ground was broken on the facility last year and it is now nearing completion. It houses an efficient “aeroponic vertical farm” system that uses 95 percent less water than conventional commercial field farms and 40 percent less than hydroponic farms. The farm uses no sunlight or soil. Instead, the plants are housed on shelves and sprout out of a cloth medium made of post-consumer, recycled plastic. Each cloth takes 24 plastic water bottles out of the waste stream. An aeroponic system mists the plant roots with water, nutrients and oxygen. The closed system allows the farm to use less water. An LED lighting system is programmed to create a specific light recipe for each plant, giving the greens the exact spectrum, intensity and frequency they need for photosynthesis in the most energy-efficient way possible. The programmed lights also allow farmers to control the size, shape, texture, color, flavor and nutritional content of the foods produced. The cloth medium separates the plants from the nutrient-rich mists, allowing for fresh, clean and dry produce to be harvested. Once harvested, the cloth medium can be fully sanitized and reused on new crops. Utilizing the aeroponic and LED systems, the scientific farmers can monitor all the macro- and micronutrients of each plant, allowing AeroFarms to grow a plant in half the time of a commercial farm and with more productivity per square foot. […]

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  • Detailed Obscurity 11 months ago

    fuck you and your animated reenactments

  • SoCal Market Refrigeration 11 months ago

    The future of legal weed crops.

  • Владимир Ленин 11 months ago

    The hippies and hipsters are gonna say this is not organic and retro the old school way of farming.

  • bulletfingrz 11 months ago

    Praise Science!!

  • HelenaJ 11 months ago

    No thanks. I want my food grown in soil with all the nutrients I need to be healthy. No more plastic crap

  • This is pretty kickass!

  • L Simons 11 months ago

    I love good news

  • 3RD COAST BOXING & MMA 11 months ago

    Yall can thanks all the old indoor pot growers who paved the way :D

  • mistertitanic33 11 months ago

    They just rebuilt my minecrafts farm with layers of dirt and glowstone.

  • Baldoxxx4000 11 months ago

    and this is not considered in mars

  • scott sileo 11 months ago

    Finally, a good use for the idle Astrodome in Houston! =D

  • MGTOW Jester 11 months ago


  • Francisco Lopez 11 months ago

    Finally less pesticides

  • jimmy russell 11 months ago

    "dude imagine all the weed we can grow with that thing"

  • Hiraeth Ephemral 11 months ago

    How are farmers are going to afford this stuff?

  • Lauren Davis 11 months ago

    Time for a change. We can no longer farm the traditional way. Can't expect farming to be the same forever, we're running out of farmable land anyways.

  • SaltWood 11 months ago

    We need this everywhere !

  • OSMxLOBBIES 11 months ago

    Only thing I have a bit of a problem with what chemicals will they be using to feed the plants?
    Plants won't be able to take up the full spectrum of nutrients and minerals naturally found in soil.