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Check us out on and The video describes a high yielding, low cost, fully automated aeroponic system. Connect with us on Facebook at: The main component of the system is the grow bank. A set of grow chambers, a reservoir, solenoid valves, a water pump, sensors, and a customized computer system based on the Arduino platform connected to a server implemented on a Raspberry Pi compatible board. The server selects the best watering program based on several criteria such as type and age of the veggie, temperature, humidity, time of the day and light intensity. The system also prepares and dispatches the nutrient solution that best suites the growing veggie. With the availability of sensors and the Internet, nutrient formulas and parameters such as pH, EC, amount of water, may be chosen from the cloud where users information is shared in a worldwide database. With the help of professional growers and scientists will be finalizing the system prototype and complete the software core features. Next will be designing each component ready for production. Videography by: Best E-Motion Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY High Pressure Aeroponics SystemEarly Testing of the High Pressure Aeroponics SystemDubai TV D I Y High pressure Aeroponics system Universidad Dr Ehisten Godoy PachecoFinal Kickstarter Update, 2.0 Version of Art Garden, NEW High Pressure Aeroponics & Thermal JacketMarijuana 15 Weeks Flowering Low Pressure Aeroponics SystemD.I.Y. High pressure Aeroponics grow tower update.

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  • Atom izer 1 year ago

    You will have much healthier roots if you mist less frequently, they are far too wet ;)