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About 2,000 square-foot of sedum, a drought tolerant plant material, has been planted on the roof of Laney Hall. The test area will help officials determine green roof benefits and how it functions. Laney Hall was selected because its roof was structurally able to support the weight associated with the installation of a green roof. A combination of various types of sedum plants have been planted in the test area, said Larry Lawrence, UCA physical plant director. Sedum plants are drought tolerant and it goes down similar to grass sod. It grows to an approximate height of six inches. Read more at Related PostsUgreenS – Fernando presents project managementGreen Roof Themed Rooftop Garden in NYC, New York by New York PlantingsAmazing Rooftop Garden Nestled Between SkyscrapersRooftop Garden waterproofing Testing Hyderabad A.P IndiaHow To Start A Rooftop Garden?FAO Bangladesh Roof-Top Garden


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  • AJ Regester 1 year ago

    I did not hear about this when it happened, but very cool!