Landscaping techniques to curb attractiveness and design your garden in stages

Rosanne’s garden has been designed and installed for more than 20 years without a master landscape plan. However, by following some simple design principles discussed in this video, her garden has the look and feel of a well-planned and cohesive garden. Discuss with her about her first major project-landscaping to increase attractiveness. View the garden plan and results in one video!


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  • Celina Hatton

    Do you have any recommendations for shrubs that can tolerate summer sun and winter shade? I have a few of these areas in my garden because of fences, sheds, and the positioning of my house on the block. We generally have at least 4 months of frost, with evening temps between 14 and 23f during the coldest part of the year, but it doesn't generally snow. My local nursery has not been helpful, as it's a chain that sells plants from all over that are frequently unsuited to our climate. Summer does not usually get over 95f.

  • mihiec

    I think that using stone to make bed for tomatoes plants is brilliant! Those stones will store heat from sun and realise it in nighttime. Tomotoes love warm soil.!

  • Alexis Hughes

    Thank you so much for all of this wonderful advice! I’ve been overwhelmed with all of my empty space and I didn’t know where to start. After you talked about creating a theme—I paused the video, did some research on garden themes, and decided what direction I wanted to go in (a woodland like, cottage fairy type theme by the way lol). Then I came back for the rest of the video and was truly in awe of your plant choices/distribution, giving me even more inspiration! Great job putting all of this together for us; keep up the good work. <3

  • S L

    I feel so fortunate to discover your channel. Thank you for sharing so much helpful information with the best narration and explanation . ❤️

  • Kimberlynn Gonzalez

    Dreaming of the day I can have a garden as beautiful and lush as yours! Truly magical and such an oasis.

  • Raekon

    Your garden is just incredible. Looking forward to many more videos, we need more of this on youtube, I think you’ll have great success

  • Kelley Cosgrove

    The most professional and informative gardening videos out there, and I’m just crazy about all of your enchanted gardens and the beautiful stonework, Irish moss, I could go on and on!!

  • Bree Kelley

    What is the best way to achieve the height that I desire? I read plenty of good reviews on the net about how exactly Mobotallor Secrets can help you increase your height fast naturally. Has anybody tried using this increase height system?

  • Annie Grace

    Hi Rosanne, you have a gorgeous home and landscaping. It is like a dream – a storybook. I am getting there a little bit at a time. I have Irish moss between my pavers which I am hoping will spread. I water it every other day and use a blower to get out the debris just as you instructed in your videos. Competing with the Irish moss, however, is real moss because the pavers are shaded but after many years, the moss isn't spreading and I like Irish moss better. Should I pull out all the real moss? Is it competing with the Irish moss and preventing it from spreading? Thank you so much for your response.

  • Irina Tyulyandina

    So beautiful and really good easy to listen and makes me to do more work in my garden. Thank you for sharing.

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