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-Landscape designer Trumbull CT Landscape designer trumbull ct This backyard retreat terrace and plants are designed and planted by experts from Land Designs Unlimited. Our staff has just completed step 1 of the horticulture garden care plan. The garden is weeded, trimmed, cleaned, lightly trimmed and covered. Land Designs Unlimited LLC provides landscape design and landscaping services in Trumbull, Newtown and Shelton CT. This beautiful video shows his work as landscape architect Trumbull CT and landscape architect Trumbull CT. .


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  • YoungSook Beausoleil

    I would like to know how Spiraea Japonica was cut down in middle of October.  How it will grow back in the Spring? I would love to hear back from you regarding this question.

    Thank you so much for your time!

  • knoc59

    Thanks for your help. I am looking for a non-weeping cherry tree that produces pale pink flowers. I was wondering if you have seen the Yoshino Cherry in bloom and, if so, does it flower white or pale pink? I know Kwanzan Cherries and Okame Cherries are more of a deeper pink bloom.

  • knoc59

    What kind of tree is that to the left of the Sevens Sons Flower shown at 3:47? Also what kind of tree is behind the spirea at 4:45?

  • marijax1

    BEAUTIFUL, I love it! Can you tell me what kind of tiles did you use for the patio? or the reference number so I can try to find them here in Florida or at least, something similar… I just love this design and all the landscape! Great job, Thanks for sharing!!!!

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