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I use landscape design software. Edit: Obviously, it is only available through the Apple Store. Download here: My PEW PEW channel: For general or business inquiries, please send an email to: Send an email to: Michael Theakston PO Box 150098 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49515 Click to subscribe! .


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  • Blue Jay

    How do you measure distances and areas. No way you can determine the number of plants unless you no the bed dimensions
    Pampass grass in Michigan? Plus you put astilbe in full sun

  • grizzlyexplorer

    Nothing like walking out a door, right into mulch. Cool program though. Way better then some paper drawing

  • Joseph Padilla

    Just downloaded the program how do you get the pricing for all the flowers and trees and ect so I can generate a pricing for my customers

  • andre segura

    this would be one of the best softwares out there except there is a limited plant selection! and most of the plants are worded differently so if you don't put the name exactly how its in the app it won't appear. but if they upgraded there plant selection and provided everything it would be a amazing app and well worth the 300 a year

  • Kritical1x

    its great but you need iscape pro for every thing and it isvery expensive 30 dollars per month or 300 dollars per year

  • John G

    whats your paypal? Because you just saved me so much time with this video! This is the first im hearing about this app. One quick question for you; What if they have a bunch of landscape already? Can you "tear out" what they have?

  • kyleadam123

    Why is there an outlet half way up the wall behind your head? Maybe that electrician needs ielectric app.

  • Amy Fedele

    These programs all seem great. But I've noticed most people don't pay attention to the size of the plants and trees which would make it pretty unrealistic if you planted it up. Lots of overcrowding. It also seems like you can "squish" the width of the plant. Is there an option to proportionally scale the plant so it doesn't get smushed too narrow or too short? Are there a decent amount of plant options?

  • Ardam Ahmed

    Does this only work on apple products?
    Or can I use it on my asus notebook? Also do you have a link of where to get it from please?

  • Ardam Ahmed

    Brilliant video, this is something new I'm looking to get into and this video helped me alot. Going to download it later and try it out. Thank you

  • RichardsLawnandLandscape

    Love this app but I do not see it available for android anymore. I'm guessing I will need a iPad to use ? It's $100 for the year correct ? Do you still use it ? I've heard both good and bad things about it but looks exactly what I need. Also will it do pavers also in the design ? Thanks for the video

  • allthings nu

    Thanks for the video! What Ipad model do you use? I'm about to purchase an Ipad and want to know if I can do this with a basic model of if I need to get the Ipad Pro.

  • Theresa

    Great software, do you create designs for out of state customers? we are really at a loss with our designs, been in our home for almost 20 years and i want a cohesive look for the front and backyards, i have an idea of what i want but not totally clear on the overall picture.

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