Landscape Design Principles | John’s Family Garden

Landscape Design Principles | John’s Home Garden // In this video, John Valentino and Chip discuss the themes and principles they consider when creating outdoor spaces. For large commercial buildings or small backyard gardens, these 4 tips will help you create your favorite space. Learn how to create useful spaces and how to use plants in many ways. Combine the tips in this video with John&Bob’s smart soil products, and you will be able to create a healthy and happy garden! If you find this video rich in content and want to learn more about our organic soil products, please visit our website ( and follow us on social media! visit our website! @johnandbobs-Follow us on FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER! Soil, gardening, garden, garden soil, organic, garden tips, compost, food, soil food web, johnandbobs, john&bobs, john&bob’s, maximize, optimize, nourish biosol, mix, infiltration, smart soil solutions, DIY, tutorials , How to improve soil, garden, grow something, soil food, organic matter, self-sustainment, microbial life, chip, chip chat, garden, landscape design, principles of landscape design, John’s family garden, family garden, John Valentino , 4 tips, four tips, useful space, music:


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  • Kevan Lunney

    I wonder about xeriscaping. It has obvious advantages of saving water and providing food and cover for animals, but what about maintenance? I am so used to hiring a grass cutter. I wonder about the upkeep, mulching, weeding, trial and error of plants, etc that comes with a garden bed, is that extended to the entire property or do you find less work?

  • Pamela Hondzinski

    I LOVE your products! Applying my last order on my front lawn next weekend! This is a GREAT video. Thank you so much! (Organic heirloom flower and vegetable gardener here)

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