Landscape Design Part 1 🏡💞🎨 Learn to create your own garden design

Design like a professional-a 7-part course that teaches you how to create your own garden design. Design workbook: Become a better gardener, subscribe: Share with friends: ———————– Free information: Free garden e-book: 24 1/ 2 Garden Design Concept: ———————– My Book: Garden Myths: Building Natural Ponds: Gardener’s Soil Science——- — ————– Free resource: Garden Basics Blog-A lot of gardening information: Garden Basics Facebook Group: My Garden Myth Blog: Building Natural Pond Facebook Group: — —– ————— Recommended playlist seed germination-Everything you need to know: Garden Myths: ————- – Landscape Design Part 1 🏡💞🎨 Learn to create your own garden design points list: Pictures: All slides and videos belong to or are pictures in the public domain, except for the following: Shamsullah shams khan khiljee’s subscription button: Richard Β· Pete’s cottage garden; Chairs and tables in the shaded corner of Wonderlane; Donald Trung, the man trapped in stone; Music: All music in public domain or by Kevin McLeod:.


About The Author


  • Christie Frenchie

    After the woods was pushed back, I started a garden plan. My problem is not sticking to the plan–I have excuses, but mostly I found that things went wrong. Example: the canvas covered gazebo blew away in a summer storm (two years in a row!).

  • Pople BackyardFarm

    I love this type of thing I worked in Interior Design for awhile and now I am just beginning to work on our garden and love landscape/garden design. – Ruthie

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