Landscape design featuring native plants-Greater Toledo

Design using plants native to the greater Toledo metropolitan area, including entertainment areas, bird feeding areas, fire pits/gathering areas, elevated vegetable gardens, rain gardens and water features. The design was created by Susan Hall, a landscape architect, certified gardener, and owner of Hidden in a Garden Design, in collaboration with the rare plant monitor and contract field botanist Denise Gehring of Ohio nature reserves and reserves. The design is for Wild Ones, a non-profit organization that promotes environmentally sound landscaping practices to protect biodiversity by protecting, restoring and establishing local plant communities. Wild Ones does not accept government funding. We rely on membership fees, donations, and personal gifts like you to carry out our mission to heal the planet one yard at a time.Become a member by visiting to see more free, eco-specific native garden designs and a complete list of plants


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  • anneemacleod

    Was this done with Realtime Landscaping Pro 2020 ? I am going to buy 3D design software and I am impressed with how this looks, especially if it has native plants in the plant database. Thanks. Fabulous design by the way,

  • Katie Brewer-Berres-Boychuk

    Is that supposed to be Toledo, Ohio with the mountains in the background, or is it another Toledo?

  • Blannie

    All I can say is this is FABULOUS!!!! I love every bit of it and the animation to make it come to life. Thank you!

  • Jareau Hall

    What program are you using to create this? I’d like to do something similar for a house I’m working on

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