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Join host and teacher, Asia Scudder, as she guides you through the following series of topics to include design strategies for your gardening success! These straight forward tips aid any homeowner to build a chemical-free garden. Based on her 25 years experience and whether that is building a foundation of greenery for your landscape, or perennial-cutting gardens, herb or edible gardens or sustainable lawn-care these short courses provide you with plenty of time for question and answer as well. Zoom is the preferred platform for these classes which is super simple to use – if you need assistance with it that is provided ahead of class start up time! All classes will be available as download for future viewing. Also, these are affordable ! Because these courses run weekly I am offering a package of 4 that can be purchased online via convenient registration link below! But at only per single class you can choose 1 class OR… …please take advantage of our special! All of the classes in a package (first time special from me to you) for all 4 classes! Once you sign up, all sign in information will be sent to your email inbox. There is also a private Facebook forum that you will have access to when you sign up for all 4 classes! *All from the ease of your home! SEE EVENT HERE: Art. Technology. Innovation. Inc. examines intersections between art, technology and innovation. We make use of online social media platforms as well as bricks and mortar venues to provide excellence in exhibitions, lectures, discussions and community efforts towards an overall mission of diversity in visual arts, music, performance, technological innovation, sustainable economies as well as environment! Related PostsLandscape Design Online Course | Sign Up for FREEOnline Landscape And Garden Design CourseLandscape […]

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