Landscape design concept

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  • Dr. Don

    It's very nice and Ive enjoyed your videos because you it's your landscapes but you teach along the way. It's just the right mixtures of each. Sometimes people pack so much information in you can't remember it all.

  • Garden Sheds Kent

    The information being provided are useful enough particularly in planning to have a very welcoming and more inviting place in your home. This feature could somehow gives a brilliant ideas indeed! 

  • Garden Sheds Devon

    Gardening and landscaping is truly becoming an art form nowadays. It is a great pleasure watching your own garden grow since it can fill the accomplishment of person with complete fulfillment and pride. 

  • richmanpoman1

    Hey I like beauty and landscaping as much as the next person. But, If things continue down this present trajectory, people up there will need to rip up those "pretty manicured gardens" and plant FOOD! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • imabee2010

    I have alot of hostas I`ll trade you for some of them coral bells LOL. Thanks for showing us your flower beds I `ll do my best to try to keep up with you. I know it won` t be as good as yours is.

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