Landscape Design. 75 inspiration ideas.

The original selection of fresh landscaping ideas and the decoration of the garden and courtyard of the private house. Ideas and photos: landscape design. 75 inspiration ideas. My original creative channel provides its content, the purpose is to show you and explore the most unusual and inspiring ideas about country houses, apartments, bungalows, interior decoration and landscape design. I provide you with high-quality edited video presentations of professional and amateur projects from all over the world. I choose the material of the video so that viewers, professional builders and designers, and lovers of beauty and comfort can understand it anywhere on the planet. Contents of self-education and professional development. Showcasing interior design decoration and decoration ideas, summer houses and private residential courtyard ideas, I hope my video will be useful and beneficial to those who want to learn and inspire them to create comfort and beauty in their homes. I mainly used editing software ProShow Produce, FotoShowPRO, Camtasia Studio and Movavi Video Editor to completely create this video. To edit the presentation of the project, I used an introductory and final screen saver, various actions and image displays, compared the style and color effects of the design and decoration, transitions, and parallel lines drawn between different clips . As well as the original description of the video and revolutionary video series, these original video series are “fair use” and provide unique value to my audience. I also watermarked the video and used music as the background. .


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