Landscape Architecture: Rethinking the Future from the Totalitarian Past | Video

The Soviet Union died 29 years ago, but the specter of totalitarianism in its past still exists, especially in the landscape of this country. The barbaric architecture of Soviet modernism still exists in many cities in Ukraine, and visually reflects the ideology of another era. What should have been in the past is still present. If urban space shapes the values ​​of residents, how does it feel to live in post-Soviet Ukraine today? To explore this issue, Minimal Movie and landscape architecture Maksim Kotsiuba co-created a short film titled “Landscape Architecture: Rethinking the Future from the Totalitarian Past”. The project explores the past, present and future of Ukrainian urban spaces and captures the unique historical process of building new communities in the post-Soviet landscape. Creative: Maksym Kotsiuba Director/Producer: Roman Blazhan DOP/Editor: Mikhail Volkov Music/Sound: Anton Dehtiarov Aerial DP: Andrey Noga Photographer: Maxim Goloborodko Producer: Minimal Movie


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