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Kristi Armes gives a brief summary of worm composting with her Garden Tower. Simple, low maintenance red wiggler vermicomposting feeds your vegetables organically. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsKristi on Summer Vegetable Planting with your Garden TowerMagic Tower Vertical Garden 2 Tower Organic Vegetable, Herb, Fruit GardenThe Composting 50 Plant Organic Container Terracotta Garden Tower Review.COMPOSTING SELF FEEDEING ORGANIC GROW TOWER BASIC SET UPBuilding A Composting Garden TowerThe Future Vertical Composting Patio Farm: The Garden Tower

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  • Th Linn 9 months ago

    O K Kristi Nice video But I need help with my grow towers do You have a video on planting these barrel style gardens. Like what to put were as top to bottom pocket by pocket. I have several 55 Gallon barrels as well as a few 30 Gallon barrel with 50 plus pockets per. I have them in our newly finished greenhouse. But all I could think to do was plant mellons and the like in the lower north facing pockets, with my favorites closes to the door of the greenhouse strawberries seemed like they should be on the north sides of towers as they like the cooler areas. I put light loving tomatoes and peppers on the south sides. We are making half barrels for stuff like artichokes, brussels sprouts, you know larger plants so they have room to spread out. we put onions, radishes, turnips, carrots in the tops and around the edges were the 2 barrels ( 1 55Gal. & 1 30gal.) stack up. we also put potatoes in their own IBC tote. Corn is in their own half barrels. We're putting cillonthro. peas, and the like climers in the first top rows so they will have room to grow up we will be installing plastic netting so all the vining plants on the top rows can grow upward. Mellons will be taught to grow along our back path way in the greenhouse. our floors are raised plastic for this purpose. (keeps fruit from rotting on vine or miss coloring or shaping due to setting on 1 side all the time). These are the best guesses we have, but really would like someone's hows used these towers before help. Any ideas would be apreciated. YKWIM. Thanks….

  • Tina Dolan 9 months ago

    How do you prevent the compost from stinking up the area? I know it's supposed to stink a little bit but mine is quite unpleasant.

  • Adela Davis 9 months ago

    Do I need to add water to the feeding tube? Can I add citrus scraps to the feeding tube?

  • Jill Madigan 9 months ago

    When you harvest compost, do you risk removing any confused worms, who might have strayed from the 'fresher' scraps near the top of the tube?  I may not be clear on the time-frame for completed compost.

  • Big H 9 months ago

    Is the same as red worms for fishing?

  • 1spicytomato 9 months ago

    great love it