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This video is about planting a store bought seedling or small Watermelon plant into a hydroponic Kratky hydroponic set up. This could be done the same with pretty much and store bought plant. I sell grow pipes and hydroponic microgreens kits in my Etsy shop along with a full line of wire baskets, folk art, abstract paintings, collage, mobiles lighting and more.. Please take a look when you get a chance It helps support the channel and I appreciate it. Grow pipe here.… Micro greens planter here… My etsy shop here… Please feel free to ask any questions you might have and also request any video ideas you would like to see. If you like the video please like, share and subscribe. Thanks everyone! Happy Growing! Related PostsStore Bought Plant Right Into A Kratky Hydroponic Set Up Quick and Easy!How A Kratky Passive Hydroponic System WorksHow to Grow Hydroponic Watermelon Indoors & 38 Days UpdateHydroponic Watermelon grown indoorsHydroponic Purple Kolrabi In A Coffee CanThe Passive Hydroponic Method | Start your Indoor Garden

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  • Cherokee Rose 7 months ago

    I am just learning. Just a question why do some people rinse of the roots. I see you don't. Is there a big difference I would love to skip that part. Great video thanks I subbed/liked

  • Doris Jimison 7 months ago

    What happens to the soil? Does it fall into the water? Got questions. Can one wash the soil off and then use marbles to hold the plant upright, if one doesn't have clay pebbles?

  • Solar and Wind as a Hobby 7 months ago


  • green olive 7 months ago

    artificial nutrients lolol…not good for you or anyone…ever heard of "CANCER" ?

  • green olive 7 months ago

    artificial nutrients lolol…not good for you or anyone…ever heard of "CANCER" ?

  • J&Gs backyard lettuce 7 months ago

    Nice plant. Love to grow using hydroponics system

  • Noah Riding 7 months ago

    Is there a way to get this method to work for radishes or beets, like red beets, etc?


    Also how often do you have to renew the nutrient solution (not the water)? Weekly? Never, Monthly? or Daily?

  • Brian Carroll 7 months ago

    What organic fertilizers can I use

  • Kumarie Lal barran 7 months ago

    How is it doing.? Any updates?

  • dragon fish 7 months ago

    Can you please tell me where I can get master blend and calcium Thanks I

  • Omegawerewolfx 7 months ago

    Are you in full sun? How does that affect the plant? It doesn't boil to death or evaporate real fast?

  • Thad Fiebich 7 months ago

    So what does this look like now? Were the results good?

  • Being Nicole 7 months ago

    Can you just paint the outside of the bucket black?

  • Manish Hydroponic 7 months ago

    there is any need of air pump u feel?

  • Dave Womack 7 months ago

    I had no idea you could put a plant still in soil medium into a Kratky system like that. I’ve just started some 5 gallon buckets using Kratky method outside like yours appear to be and I’ve killed a couple of pepper plants trying to get the dirt off of the roots. Do you not worry about rainwater diluting the solution and drowning your plants? I’ve drilled a hole close to the top of the bucket for overflow. Thanks for the video

  • Riley Gilroy 7 months ago

    I did the same thing with a couple of modifications: added an air stone for circulation & used "Lucas method" using general hydroponics Flora series; 1 part G.H.micro, 2 parts G.H. bloom and cal/mag dosed according to volume of fresh water.

  • Hermit Hydroponics 7 months ago

    Just subbed. Cant wait to see this thing grow!

  • DragonflyArtz1 7 months ago

    I love this!! I so want to do this!! I'm wondering if the 5 Gal bucket is needed? Will the roots really go that far down? Could I use a plastic coffee container and just keep 5 gallons of solution ready and top off as needed? Because that would be a fantastic space saver! I think about hanging the pot and trellising in amazing ways!!!