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I am now filming and editing using only a Smartphone on my new channel. I wanted to challenge myself to making and uploading great videos on the go. Please check out my Vlog at Thank you for watching one of my YouTube channels. I focus most of my efforts on my Vlog at Follow Me On Social Media: Youtube (Subscribe Please) – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – My Website – Pinterest – Best Camera For Youtube Or Anything Else – Best Laptop For Video Editing Or Anything Else – Want to be a Youtuber? You need a website, Check Out Bluehost at Disclaimers: all opinions are my own, sponsors are acknowledged when they sponsor something. I am an Amazon Affiliate because I believe in their 30 money back guarantee. I am also affiliated with Bluehost because they have great service and prices. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes Indoors Using the Kratky MethodGrowing Peppers and Tomatoes by a Suspended Pot, Non Circulating Kratky Hydroponic MethodGrowing Plants Without Soil: Hydroponic GardeningEasy to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce Using the Kratky MethodHydroponics Technology, Growing plants without Soil, low investment and high productionHydroponics at Home – Growing without soil

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  • tomatojuice12 2 years ago

    Getoffthegrid, thanks so much for the video. Can you link to a product that I would need to do the Kratky method for basil?

    It's just the solution and clay rocks, right?

  • Michael Albanese 2 years ago

    Did you transplant an already growing basil plant from soil to the kratky method?

  • ButtontotheMax 2 years ago

    literally here for a school project

  • nutbrittle 2 years ago

    I have a basil in hydroponics, and it's growing bigger now. But some of the tips of the bottom leaves have turned yellow with brown spots. Do you know what is causing it?

  • carpii 2 years ago

    Have you tried growing in Perlite? I ordered a bag from Amazon thinking it was just potting compost, so now I have to find a use for it. Some articles suggest Perlite might be usable for the Krakty method, but since I only just learnt about this method tonight Ive no idea. Im looking to grow culinary herbs like you, basil mostly, thyme and oregano would be cool too.

  • Knowledge Copes 2 years ago

    I got a hydroponics system but I have no light.Will my herbs still grow with the light?

  • danh le 2 years ago

    what other plants/herbs would do well indoors without a lot of light Lights are just way too expensive at the moment, but kratky method is so smart.

  • Roy Nunes 2 years ago

    Thanks to

  • Roy Nunes 2 years ago


  • Todd Larsen 2 years ago

    I'm pretty sure it's called Kratky lol not Crack Tea lol. Love the video and you gave me some ideas on reusing some of my plastic food containers. Thank you!

  • yanuar santosa 2 years ago

    does kratky method work's on tobacco plant also ?

  • Jess Serko 2 years ago

    Hi there! Would you recommend the Kratky method for a greenhouse? Or is leaving the plant outside just fine if there is something like a net to keep the bugs away? Thanks!

  • EastBayFM 2 years ago

    You can very much so use the kratky method for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, egg plant and peppers… You have to use deep water method with a large tote or 5 gallon bucket with fox farm nutrients and compost tea… You can produce huge red juicy tomatoes, huge cuces, huge sweet peppers, bell peppers or any spicy variety.. Very effectively… I don't know who told you kratky doesn't do well with fruiting plants but it does… Might be a little more trial /error and finding the right blend of nutes for you but I guarantee it works… It's not just with boring leafy vegetables…

  • Olen Soifer 2 years ago

    Come on now…you spell the fellow's name right, Kratky, and pronounce it: Krakty. Can't you read?

  • p3tr0l 2 years ago

    At around 1:15 or so it was said that this method doesn't work with fruiting plants. This is incorrect. I've seen larger 75 liter systems used to grow two cucumber plants, they fruited successfully and provided a fair number of cucumbers. 

    Aeration isn't necessary in this system because plants grow two types of roots. They start off being completely submerged, as the plant grows it consumes more of the solution which creates an air gap between the top of container and top of solution. The roots in that zone become 'air roots', making additional aeration unnecessary. 

    It may be possible to grow tomatoes, peppers and other plants in this system but the reservoir/solution will need to be adjusted accordingly. 

  • Natasha Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Does your herbs using the kratky method need sunlight?

  • Enrique Goitia 2 years ago

    since you purchased them on the same day? did you wash of the soil and transferred it into a hyhdro setup?

  • GetOffTheGridGuy 2 years ago

    I used foxfarm veg. I prob should have used the boom mix but I did not

  • GetOffTheGridGuy 2 years ago

    Basil does so well. So does any herb really. I had never seen this before but it works great. Check it out. I wrote a book about it at my website . I explain everything that works