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End of summer update on my Deep Water Culture, Kratky Method & Compost Tea Hydroponic Tomato comparison. Related PostsKratky Method-DWC-Compost Tea Hydroponics #2 Hydroponic TomatoesHydroponic Tomatoes: How to Easily Grow Tomatoes Hydroponically (Kratky Hydroponics)Hydroponic Tomatoes – Kratky vs Soil – Indoors vs OutdoorsGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes Indoors in a Grow Tent Kratky Update 1 Hydroponic Beefsteak TomatoEasy System for Hydroponic Kratky Tomatoes – Indoor GrowingEasy hydroponic tomatoes / Cheap DIY Hydroponics / Urban Garden / Small Spaces

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  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago
  • Jetsuda Onart 5 years ago

    Hi it was interesting to me. It would appreciate if you could give me more
    The method will be same as other hydroponic veggie?
    Thank you?

  • Waldemar Czachor 5 years ago

    Hello, First year with DWC is done :DDD Can’t wait for next one 🙂 Please
    tell me sth about your fertilizer, or better, the NPK ratio. ?

  • jksatte 5 years ago

    Where are you located? Those maters look good. How’d they taste? Janice?

  • OgMandin0 5 years ago

    Good information, just the way I needed it! Like your narrative style.
    Thanks for sharing!?

  • Andrew Washington 5 years ago

    Air stones…… air pump will help roots to breathe and you’ll have better

  • MORNING Gardener's SHOW. 5 years ago

    looking good?

  • Marie valentino-cook 5 years ago

    Where did you purchase the black buckets??

  • Allan Teo 5 years ago

    Thanks for showing this.. especially how to mitigate the root rot.. Most
    people will have plenty of problems with Root Rot.. You may want to try
    some Trichoderma Spores in the early stages of your growing to protect your
    roots from infection.?

  • Marie valentino-cook 5 years ago

    What is Kratky??

  • Marie valentino-cook 5 years ago

    What is DWD??

  • Keepskatin 5 years ago

    The only veggie I grow inside is lettuce,because of Global warming,has made
    Florida direct sunlight over 100 degrees Fahrenheit,which kills,lettuce and
    deforms the lettuce that doesn’t die.I will try some hydroponic
    lettuce.”Early Girl” was the best hydro lettuce I ever tasted.?

  • jim kimball 5 years ago

    nice video how many tomatoes did you get per plant?

  • cplassman2009 5 years ago

    yes the crop looks good! Just going through your comments and to recap for
    us novices…

    1) What are the strings for…How to you set up the pots for a growing vine?
    2) What is the best additive/growing medium for taste?
    3) What/how much sunlight can the plants stand?
    I rent, can’t dig up the backyard so Hydroponics is the way to go. Backyard
    is direct sunlight. Garage has no sunlight and growing inside is out of the
    question.I can erect a tarp but will have to set up/tear down daily.?

  • brotharuss 5 years ago

    the question is… did they taste? Did they have a rich earthy mineral
    taste? If not, you might want to try adding rockdust and sea-90 to the
    mix. ?

  • Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens 5 years ago

    Nice looking tomatoes! I do Kratky, and dutch buckets. I like your channel.
    I just subbed you.?

  • Olen Soifer 5 years ago

    Perhaps the issue with your Kratky setup is that the technique was
    developed for use with specifically hydroponic fertilizers, not organic
    compost teas and such. Potassium, needed by tomatoes in good quantities,
    are apparently hard to supply via earthworm castings, compost, etc. Some
    micronutrients could also be an issue. You’ve seen the tomato monsters
    Bobby, mhpgardener, grows…but his is not trying to use purely organic

    The other thing is that the Kratky method was primarily developed for
    short-grow crops like lettuce, where the reservoir never needs to be
    refilled. By the time the nutrient level drops to near-zero, the crop is
    done, ready to harvest. But, for long-growth crops, the nutrient level
    needs to be replenished…and the higher level solution could now drown the
    roots that adapted to be in the air. My gut feeling is that the level
    should only be raised by a few inches once it’s dropped to near the bottom
    of the reservoir OR an air-stone should be added if raising the liquid back
    up more than that…sort of a hybrid Kratky-DWC setup.

    As for size…personally, a quarter pound tomato is just fine. With larger
    ones, we tend to cut them, not use all of the tomato, and then what? Let it
    sit half-used in the fridge? Better to have smaller ones and use the entire
    fruit every time you cut one open. Plus, some of the best disease-resistant
    types are bred to supply 4 oz fruits, and that’s fine with me.?

  • McDowall Manor 5 years ago

    Thank you. I’m also experimenting so this was a really useful video. ?

  • wildoxidizer 5 years ago

    put heat in your greenhouse you could have tomatoes all year?

  • Wilko Inaka 5 years ago

    u did that without cilculating water??

  • Paul Clement 5 years ago

    Hi Larry, nice update lots of tomatoes you grew. What kind of plants are
    they? My celebrity grew ok in the gutter system, but I did not get lots of

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    Hi Ron thanks for the comments ! I think i’m going to stick with DWC.

  • yesid ruiz 5 years ago

    excelente v

  • Pamela Kissinger 5 years ago

    Holy Tomatos!!!! Great job!!! I am totally impressed.

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    Thanks Lee, i’ll keep a look out for them.