Kratky hydroponic radish grow with the Mars Hydro SP250. This is a quick grow test, using the Mars Hydro SP250. Since Mars Hydro sent me this light for review, they have upgraded the model to the SP3000. The radishes were started in an Aquaponics system, then later transplanted to the Kratky method. I show how to do all of this in the video, including mixing the Masterblend.

Aquaponics setup –
Mars Hydro SP250 unboxing –
How to mix Masterblend –

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Mars Hydro SP3000 (upgraded version from the SP250. The SP250 is no longer available) –
Back to the Roots Water Garden –
Masterblend nutrients kit –
Truncheon ppm meter –
Apera instruments pH meter –
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Kratky hydroponic radish grow with the Mars Hydro SP250

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  • Raszagal

    Those are some thirsty radishes! 🙂 What type are they? Doesn't look like those huge ones that Khang usually grows and they don't look anything like the kind of radishes we have here in Sweden. Ours are round and about an inch in diameter and red and maybe 6-10 inches of leaves that grow straight up. If you google "red raphanus sativus" you'll see the version we have.

  • Jake

    From my experience growing radish in the soil, the more access the plant had to nitrogen, the more leafs were grown and less of the tuber. The greens are also great to eat, they have a peppery spice to them.

  • Khang Starr

    Great job, Peter! I believe these radish will only produce bulbs when the temperature is cooler. Try letting the temp drop to around 55-65.

  • Peppers 'n' Glowworms

    Just before your Video I had an add, that actually told me to stop watching aquaponics videos!
    I'm watching your video regardless.
    Well, there was only a very short aquaponics segment at the start on it, anyway…

  • Matt Garver

    Nice video, first time seeing a setup like this for radishes, and really like the 6 site, 5-gallon tubs that you are using. That Mars Hydro SP250 will likely do well, if you transition to starting hot peppers in those totes too.

  • Alfred Tanious

    Thank you so much Peter for the video, I've grown radish before but wasn't very successful in hydroponics. I thought it might be easier on them to grow in some sort of soil like, maybe coco coir to let the fruits grow/ push out easily

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