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Last spring I gave a tour of a new high tunnel we were in the process of outfitting with Kratky tanks and showed the assortment of crops we grow in there. One row in the center is a bato bucket setup for cucumbers. The tanks have lettuce, basil, boc choy, swiss chard, arugula, and water cress. Related PostsHydroponic Update ~ Dutch Bucket Tomatoes and Kratky LettuceWorld’s first indoor vertical farm to be built in a tunnelBiggest Automated Tunnel Farm of PakistanHow to Make a Mini Kratky Hydroponic System for LettuceHydroponic Lettuce – Pablo – Kratky Method – Nutrient ConcentrationsControlling Mosquitoes with Screen in Kratky Hydroponic Systems

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  • Youssef Youssef 1 week ago

    How many milliliters of nutrients are in the tank

  • Matt Garver 1 week ago

    Nice setup, and your system looks great! Are you using plywood covered by landscape fabric for your tank tops?

  • Youssef Youssef 1 week ago

    This method does not use electricity for water and air pumps

  • Hugo Ricard 1 week ago

    whats the spacing on those lettuce?

  • Forage Forage 1 week ago

    I just converted a soil tower over to a hydro tower..and chose Swiss one of the levels and spinach in lower level…. fingers crossed

  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse 1 week ago

    OK, what do I call you? I can’t pronounce the name of your channel. Your system looks amazing and I subbed you! The only thing I could suggest for your farm is that you change from rock wool to oasis. Rock wool doesn’t do quite as well for me. Plus it doesn’t biodegrade well. Oasis is made from a potato starch and I get about 99% Germination rate from it. I also compost it with whatever I throw in the compost from my system. Can’t wait to see more. I used to use the floating raft system until I found this trough system. The floating raft system is cheaper than the system I use since it uses very little electricity. But it seems my turnaround is faster on the plants with moving water. Take care and God bless. Chuck

  • mission xxx 1 week ago

    does this needs water pump?

  • Japiles Trini 1 week ago

    What about ph??

  • hcarlile73c1 1 week ago

    How do you keep algae out of your system before the plant shade the hole?


    great setup…how do you manage mosquitoes ?

  • ivan cornelius 1 week ago

    how much distance between planting holes ?

  • Kevin Stewart 1 week ago

    Normally I see the plant cups sitting in white styrofoam boards, yours is black, is this styrofoam or wood covered in plastic? Thanks for the video.

  • Sharanbasav Hondadakatti 1 week ago

    Thanks madam
    Can you please suggest how to control fungus if stagnant water we will get fungus?

  • Nadeem Ahmed 1 week ago

    What nutrients formula you are using??

  • Carolina Gardener 1 week ago

    Hello nice production I tried this once and it turned out great and I'm doing it again this winter

  • Chhong Norbu Sherpa 1 week ago

    hi i am from nepal i want lear hydroponics system shall get job your farm for few month

  • Sharanbasav Hondadakatti 1 week ago

    Hello madam can you please suggest how will you giving the airiation for plants

  • Pluma Mana 1 week ago

    how do you control the pests like aphids, white flies, mites? do you aerate the roots too?

  • gusy629 1 week ago

    That is one fine healthy roots your veggies have.

  • Thanh Good 1 week ago

    What nutrient area using?