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Kraken Pro RDWC systems are deep water culture systems that recirculate the nutrient solution through 110mm pipe and fittings. Available in 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 & 24 pots with bespoke systems available upon request. For more information visit Related PostsTrident RDWC Bubblers – Poseidon Hydroponic SystemsMonsoon Drippers – Poseidon Hydroponic SystemsAlien RDWC PRO 1kg plants hydroponic system cannabis growAlien RDWC PRO hydroponic system cannabis growAlien RDWC PRO GROW 2 1kg plants hydroponic system cannabisHydroponics Systems | Hydroponic Bubble Flow Bucket System | Ebb and Flow Bucket

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  • kevlar 420247 3 weeks ago

    How you people charge so much for a few pumps and some plastic buckets is fucking ridiculous you people are thieves

  • Jay Tar 3 weeks ago

    I'm not trying to make waves like others with their comments but I do agree with some of the critiques to a point. I agree those net pots definetly have to go. The shut off on the return line should be outside the controller along with an inline filter. To drain system all you need to do is put an extra valve on the control bucket. The little things you can do to these pregrow don't make or break your grow necessarily but they do control ease of use. When there are many competitors in this market (on top of being able to source parts and diy build) the little things also put different brands products on different levels.
    Ps-GreenSea, if you would like to talk on these points hit me up.

  • Sibi Dee 3 weeks ago

    Alien hydroponics took this concept and made it all better.

  • Weed Worxs 3 weeks ago

    How do you FULLY drain this system? Simple answer… You can't!

  • DWC WEEDKING 3 weeks ago

    And again you cannot use those little net pots they will tip over when the plant gets too big the rim is not big enough and can possibly even fall through the lid i'm thinking maybe you should hire me to design these because you guys obviously have no experience.. or maybe you can send me a system and I will use it and tell you what needs to be changed

  • DWC WEEDKING 3 weeks ago

    You should also put the airlines through the lid so when you lift the plants up the router do not get torn up because they are wrapped around the air stone and hose so that way when you lift the lid the air stone comes up with it

  • John Heine-Parisi 3 weeks ago

    the issue here is the spread of the buckets to useable light plants miss the best part of the light (center) and when lights are lowered coverage may not reach plamt certainly true with LED;s. I have RDWC 18" spread and this is even too far apart for one 750 LED at 2 ft. from young tops.

  • William Alleyne 3 weeks ago

    How can I purchase?