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Video Rating: / 5 Looking for something a little more funky? These tender succulents are definitely unique! We’ve found these varieties without any labels on it and they’ve turned out great. These plants are low-maintenance, diverse, and grow great in the Okanagan climate as they are drought tolerant. Just allow them to overwinter indoors near a warm sunny window before the temperatures dip. We do over 40 varieties of Tender Succulents so if you don’t see the kind you want out on our storefront, don’t be afraid to ask as we might have it growing in our greenhouse. Likewise, we’ve had a number of people use succulents for their wedding centrepieces, so get in touch with us if you would like to get them in large quantities. Contact us at: Featured Tender Succulents: – Austrocylindropuntia subulata (Cactus variety) – Portulaca molokiniensis – Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Fire Sticks’ – Euphorbia submammillaris ====================== Other parts of the series: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6 – Part 7 – ====================== The Greenery Garden Centre is located in Kelowna, BC. We are a family owned and operated business that is open to the public for the four Spring months each year. For over 25 years we have grown one of the largest selections of garden plants at our Okanagan nursery. In over 2.5 acres of greenhouses, we are growing crops all year in preparation for the following season. We offer an abundance of exciting plant choices, including over 19,000 hanging baskets, wallbags & planters, thousands of different annuals, basket stuffers, vegetables, herbs, berries, perennials, and grasses. You will also find potting soil, soil amendments, peatmoss, fertilizers, seeds, lawn care, garden supplies, pots, garden tools, and much more! Visit us […]

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    Y'all might get sued if y'all keep propagating random plants they might be patented just looking out for you look them up they might be patented you will get sued