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低層階がオフィス、高層階がレジデンスとなっております。 紀尾井町に位置するタワーマンション。 ビンテージ感もとても味が出ていて最高です。 夜景は東京を一望でき、言葉がでません。。。 The lower floor is the office and the higher floor is the residence. A tower apartment located in Kioicho. The vintage feel is also very good and the best. The night view gives you a panoramic view of Tokyo and you can’t speak. . . Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFamily Garden Ideas & Design | Kid Friendly | Make Gardening a Tradition | Garden Tour //Garden FarmAugust Garden Tour // Learn To GrowMid-Season Urban Garden Tour in Chicago!KERALA STYLE ORGANIC BACKYARD VEGETABLE GARDEN TOUR | American Malayali Farm [Malayalam vlog ]Vegetable Garden Tour- Aug Harvest Time| Massive Cucumbers in our Kitchen Garden| The Sangwan FamilyVegetable Garden Tour | Late May in Our Organic & Permaculture Inspired Kitchen Garden

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