Kimbal Musk, Elon’s brother, has created an urban farming company called Square Roots. Using shipping containers equipped with vertical farm technology, Square Roots could bring fresh produce directly to cities around the country.

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In this Our Changing Climate climate change video essay, I answer the question is vertical farming is the future of food? Specifically, the video looks at the problem with vertical farming, the benefits of vertical farming, as well as whether vertical farming is actually a viable solution to solving hunger and combatting climate change. While there are many benefits to vertical farming, like water conservation, location, seasonality, and pest prevention, the current costs and energy requirements of hydroponic and aeroponic vertical farming operations mean they are very costly. Ultiamtely hydroponic and aeroponic vertical farms have a long way to go before they are an actual solution to sustainable food production, especially when addressing issues like food waste and food infrastructure might be more beneficial.

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Intro – 0:00
How Does Vertical Farming Work? – 1:05
The Benefits of Vertical Farming – 2:43
The Costs of Vertical Farming – 4:11
Is Vertical Farming a Viable Solution – 7:36
Sponsored Content – 9:24
Outro – 11:28

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Kimbal Musk's Urban Farm – Square Roots – 2020

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  • Zero X

    it has to be done, inside growing -> nomorepesticedes, free up land 4 housing – declog cities, 
    use less water & less energy !!!

  • Yolanda Salvador

    Those steel containers get hotter than shit during the summers here in Texas. We use one at a business of ours. I don't know how you'd insulate one for a climate controlled system to be effective enough.

  • Gregory Vasilyev

    Ok, I really expected something more in-depth than this commercial… In reality it's a very niche, very expensive, very maintenance-heavy product, which can, at best, provide fresh produce for boutique restaurants and stores for high-end customers. Due to city rent and maintenance costs it will only be able to compete, in future, with leafy greens produce, never with staple foods. Staple foods growing in such conditions will require enormous, multi-level hangars to only support a small village at a sky-high price.
    Bottom line, currently it is only viable for growing grass 🙂

  • sparks

    This is should be more used and implemented in india and other populated countries because it will stop hyperinflation plus make the quality of vegetables here fresh

  • March Chadwick

    Thank you for your informative video. We are in touch with Square Roots farmers and hope to plan projects together.

  • Estephanie Velazques

    Really good video! it was short and concise, just as I needed.
    I heard about this company a couples of years ago and never knew of them again, so I'm happy they're still operating and their energy problems haven't taken over them, I really hope they make it through their problems and grow up to the light 😉

  • Michael Felder

    Idea, Austin Texas "sustainable" riverfront park exhibition walk. Tesla sponsors competitions sustainable energy and agriculture that will be on permanent display. Catagoiries could include Aquaponics farming, permaculture food production, micro-hydro electric, water purification tech, 3d printing tech that promotes human and planetary health (printing homes) also hold tinyhouse competitions and rallies. Perhaps even build a tiny house community "for sale" to employees. My dream has been to start an AgTown (icoined the phrase) for years. AgTown will also be a show place for solar roof, V2G-VPP energy storage…
    I know Elon pays attention to you…bend his ear on this totally awesome marketing strategy. If Elon and Kimbal builds it, they will come. Word of mouth will explode.
    I could probably convince my family to move there and help get it going if Elon gave the green light. After almost 30 years in the Army and logistics, I have a lot of valuable experience in getting things done. Something this cool would surely catch on. Your thoughts?

  • studiohq

    As fast as cost in concerned, that will change over time. I remember when a LED watch was THOUSANDS of dollars and now you can get them out of a bubble gum machine. Cost changes as innovation makes it happen. Much of it may be Prohibitive now, but the cost will lower each year as new ideas and and new products are introduced. I see new ways of making energy and products every day.

  • S. Y.

    As much as I agree with you on the meat issue, I see that you fail to take in the bigger picture in this video. You are assessing what VF can do NOW; you should consider what it will be able to do in the FUTURE. This tech is still at its infant stages. When it comes to such technologies, we should always consider the long term investment (which is what its proponents are betting on).
    Better yields, more advanced specific planting, AI algorithms that get better with time, more efficient methods, etc. These and other will lead to future in which VF is actually more Eco-friendly than traditional farming. Then, we will be able to reap all the other benefits of VF.
    I respect your opinion; however, I believe the wise choice is to support such technologies that left humanity in the future.

  • josh simpson

    As an indoor farmer there is a lot missing in your evaluation relative to outdoor production like guaranteed product for the indoor proudcer. Moreover these well funded silicon Valley tier "farms" aren't very practical and focus on form over function.

    I'm biased but also living the reality of sustainable, profitable, indoor agriculture

  • Marius Dragoi

    We can also adress the issue of hunger by exposing the big players in the Seed Industry that are producing their seeds extremly cheep in poor countries where they never tasted what they are harvesting… the price /kg of that specific seed sold in Europe could feed the whole village.

  • Emily Marie

    Awesome video! But I think this failed to address one big main benefit of vertical farming: the ecosystems lost to the crazy amount of land that is utilized for traditional crop growing may have an opportunity to be restored if we invest in using more vertical space. This has a HUGE ecological impact that cannot be understated, and is what stands out to me as the biggest benefit of vertical farming.

  • Willy Wong

    Instead of food crops, why not crops like cotton that's fairly water intensive and takes up land space which could be used for something else

  • Five Senses Travel Company

    Are there no vertical farms using the sun rather than artificial light? On another note what are YouTube doing? Content like this should be prioritized not punished. Yet another example of how social media is ruining our world rather than improving it due to their greed.

  • Carlos Fuentealba Godoy

    Bro, please put the measurements in metrics… We're not in the XVII century, the rest of the world outside the states doesn't know wtf is an acre

  • Skye Easley

    Great video! What program do you use to edit? Also, where do you get the footage from? Just uncopyrighted footage? I'm also looking into creating a youtube channel.

  • X G

    Lol, you actually said tech won't help us fight climate change… Jesus, you have to be blind to human potential to say something so moronic.

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