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Check out Nadia & Amani review and play with this awesome wheelbarrow set. Your kids will love it! Kids have hours of fun play with this fantastic wheelbarrow set. Great for fun in the garden, on the beach or sandpit. Wheelbarrow set: scoop – gardening spade – rake – watering can. Safe fun and easy to use. Hours of fun guaranteed for toddlers & children. Great value for money and is produced in lovely bright colours. An ideal toy for sandpits. Little wheelbarrow set to keep your little ones entertained. Perfect for play in the back garden or on a day trip to the seaside. The wheelbarrow measures approx 57cm from the handle to the wheel. I think every child should have a garden. Growing a garden can range from a few herbs pots on the windowsill to a full fledge vegetable garden in the backyard. Space should does not need to be a constraint. Gardening with kids gets messy, but so much fun and it has so many benefits for children. Lets work on getting more kids outside and away from electronics. Kids learn so many character-building traits from growing a garden! Watch the video to learn why I wholeheartedly recommend all kids should plant herbs and vegetables. If you need gardening tools for kids, check out list we curated for you. Here are just some of the benefits from growing a garden with your kids: 1. Foster a love of nature 2. Kids who garden, eat a larger variety of vegetables than kids who do not 3. Kids get such a sense of pride from harvesting the food they grew 4. Kids learn to nurture by tending to their garden 5. It teaches children delayed gratification. It takes time to sprout a seed, grow the plant and then […]

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    Классное видео, нам понравилось очень)) Молодцы)))) Заходите к нам в гости ))))))

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    Отличное видео! Лайк!

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    super video. welcome to our channel!!!

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    so funny activity, loved ;-)

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    Awesome video ❤️

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    class) and the girls how happy this set) super)

  • loosgroov 11 months ago

    I've picked tomatoes with my son, but haven't really gotten him into gardening. Maybe we'll do some herbs on the windowsill this winter