Added by on 2017-04-26 What to include in a kids survival kit. A survival kit for kids needs to be simple, light and easy to use. It needs to focus on items the will get them found as soon as possible. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsKids to build box city that include green roof initiative elementsJust Kids Career Day CateringPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewVegetable Gardening Survival At Home 2016LIVING BETWEEN ROOF CAMPERS! – Rust SOLO Survival #7Survival Skills: Grow a Vegetable Garden in the forest, The Best Food to survival

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  • bibleprophecy1st 1 year ago

    That filter does not filter out viruses. No filter with just a carbon filter will filter viruses. Only the top of the line filters like the premium Sawyer .02 micron gravity filter will do that. The best filter for kids and that are cheap is the Sawyer mini.

  • Aparna Kishore 1 year ago

    where is the flashlight

  • Mason Hutchison 1 year ago

    from 1:23 to 1:35 a bug walk accross the table

  • Marc challita 1 year ago

    I'm 12 and one day we were out hunting and me and my friend gots lots we stayed over night made a fire and hunted for food the next day our dads found us so put a knife in the kit

  • T Money 1 year ago

    I'm making one right know

  • T Money 1 year ago

    Why noises

  • ILKM KLCK 1 year ago

    well,i am survivalist, I know how to cook,build a shelter,make a fire,find foods and find my way going back home

  • ILKM KLCK 1 year ago

    even I have 4 survival knife

  • I m c o o l 1 year ago

    how did you get a 3 dollar bivvy bag? im looking for one and there like 50 to 100 bucks. i dont have that kind of money

  • TheMizzle98 1 year ago

    Yo was up shut up what type a kid wonder from a trail that is strait up retarded so what the fudge man check out my Chanel and subscribe

  • Darryl Soroka-Gladue 1 year ago

    I go to scouts and I learned how to make a fire,how to cook and we even made survival bracelets! (P.S)survival bracelet is used to make shelter , you pull on a bright colored rope of it and it stretches 60 feet long!

  • Braden fatherree 1 year ago

    My dad is in the army

  • TheMachetegaming Plays 1 year ago

    I'm ten and I can boil water, start a fire, make a shelter with only a tarp, I'm trained with fire arm safety, I am a BOB, I can cook, I can hunt animals with just a sharp stick, I can skin animals, I can survive a storm like I did in the Rockies with my father, I can make a SoS signal so yeah I might be able to survive in the forest.

  • Ernest Pino 1 year ago

    Iam ten and I know how to start a fire and cook, boil water, fight,hunt and bulid a tent

  • Starnes Holdings & Investments, LLC 1 year ago

    I like your idea What you did was very good please make more videos for me to watch so I can help other people

  • Dusty Colbourne 1 year ago

    This vid is a piece of shit where are da nife

  • sugarrush00 1 year ago

    im 9 and i can cook,heal,fight LIKE CRAZY,and build tents out of sticks and mud and grass,and also know how to start a fire,and skin,and make tools, so yeah ill live for 70 years easylily

  • BigBendBroncos 1 year ago

    Great job on the video. Don't under estimate the value of this kit for unskilled adults also. 🙂

  • Pagan Min 1 year ago

    im only 11 and know how to boil water

  • thecriticalcriticshow 1 year ago

    I'm 13 years old and I'm a survivalist. I am trained in firearms safety, first aid, self defense combat, and self reliance. I have an
    EDC and a BOB with no firearms and only 2 knives. I have a flexible saw in my BOB because of a traumatic experience with a hatchet. I am a trained survivalist and there have been natural disasters and such where my survival stuff has saved me