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The Homestead Kids are learning the basics of how to shell corn by hand. Learning gardening is a lot of fun for the kids – as it is for all of us. They had a lot of fun shelling the Indian Corn or Flint Corn that mama brought home although the corn was not completely dry which made the job much more difficult. It is not hard to shell corn if it is dry, but if you have a lot of corn, it would be a lot of work by hand. A corn sheller would make the job much easier – if one can be found. Shelling corn is something that has been done for many, many years and will continue to be done by hand for years to come so it is a good thing to learn. Our family intends to do as much work by hand as we can. Many hands makes the load light:) The kids get a chance to learn how to shell corn by hand. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel! To see more “how-to” videos, click here: With 5,000 employees spread over 122 branches throughout the UK, the Garden Centre Group knew it needed a distributed approach to training when it first adopted e-learning. Gardening, however, is a very physical activity, and Tom Martell has broadened the group’s training curriculum so that e-learning is focused on building knowledge and skills while other activities are used for behavioural development, such as workshops, coaching and assignments integrated in the routine of daily work. In this session he describes the practical side of managing a blended approach to learning. Related PostsFresh for Florida Kids Food Garden – Growing CornWhat Is Germination? | Animated Video about Germination for Kids LearningLinkimals™ – Learning Colors in the Garden | Kids […]

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