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Homesteading is largely about being self sustainable and the kids are learning this well. They love gardening and wanted to a vegetable garden update. They know that a large portion of their food comes from the garden vegetables and plants. While we do some foraging and wild harvesting, we also grow a large portion of our food here on the homestead. The kids are doing great at growing their vegetables. They grow corn, beets, zucchini, peas, beans, winter squash, okra, cucumbers, and so much more. They grow their garden organically without herbicides or pesticides. We are going to try the natural herbicide at some point and see if that works ok or not. The have not had to water much at all with all this rain! Everything is staying so nice and green. We just planted our sweet potato slips today and will plant more as they are ready to plant. We love sweet potatoes. Each one of the kids is becoming quite the gardener planting their own favorite plants and vegetables. The boys pumpkins are doing great and the girls corn and cucumbers are really going to town. Watch “Garden Update May”: Please share, comment and like. Please subscribe to our channel! A video documentary for the Sustainable Springfield Kids Garden in Jacksonville Florida. This video was produced, filmed and edited by Matthew Aponte at 212 Media Productions in Jacksonville Florida. For more information on having a professional video produced for your business or event, please call 904-382-8105. The Spring 2013 Sustainable Springfield Growing Kids Veg-U-cation program focuses around sustainable local food production/ gardening (practices that are viable over long periods of time, both environmentally and economically) urban ecology and ecological awareness. Upon successful completion of the program, each student will receive a 0 stipend at the […]

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  • Walanghiyaka Greenthumb 1 year ago

    Yeah they are smart in other ways..but I love gardening and they don't..they think the foods grow in the fast foods!

  • Walanghiyaka Greenthumb 1 year ago

    They are so smart ..I wish my kids are like them..

  • Minecraft - Avo's Journey 1 year ago

    I was clicking around Minecraft videos in YT & tripped over you. Keep up the good work. Its great to meet a fellow active YouTuber.
    All the very best.

  • Andy Cox 1 year ago

    my daughter has the same swimsuit she loves it wears it all the time.

  • Buxtehude .d 1 year ago

    When this family is being seen, that drama is remembered.
    Little House Prairie

  • Captain - Chaos 2 1 year ago

    I thought of something you may keep in mind regarding your description text. I presume you access youtube on computer. I don't know what percentage of people use computers vs i devices but l personally use the lpad as do several friends. When accessing Youtube on an ipad you can go to the Youtube desktop site however it does not work properly and in fact does not really allow you to do much other than monitor your own channel. Just about everyone access it using the official Youtube app. There where other Youtube client apps but as of a month or so ago they don't work because of Youtube format changes or something. The Youtube app is far from great but such is life. The point l want to make is that if you have to much info in the description panel then the LIKE & DISLIKE icons disappear below. You can scroll down to display them but lazy people wont bother ( most people are lazy it seems ). The amount of text you have on this video is the maximum you can have yet still have the icons remain visible ready to tap. I could count the lines but that would not help you if typing on the desktop version. Getting people to LIKE is harder than milking a chicken though you would benefit from having the icons visible. FFP ratio of likes to views is atrocious. People, even regular loyal commenting viewers don't really bother. Maybe because FFP post is lacking ( though they have done videos with great post, maybe they apply themselves better at times ) and they have no intro anymore and no outro ever. Maybe people feel why should l bother it's just a vid.

  • ME TREV 1 year ago

    Growing vegies and fruits beats buying them in the grocery stores at least they are fresh straight out of the garden.

  • PickledHamProduction 1 year ago

    oh wow nice looking garden. you kids did a great job. now mama gonna have a fun   canning all that food. its alot of work but a great feeling of accomplishment

  • Thesimplelife Home 1 year ago

    Garden looks good! I have to say, I get distracted by the kids running around without their shoes on. I sooo believe in "grounding" (feet to earth) but I also know that snakes are out and about. Do you worry about that?

  • backwoods3214 1 year ago

    ever made  zucchini  bread

  • Outdoorsman 1 year ago

    Crops are lookin good, Gang!

  • 416ginagirl 1 year ago


  • Fred Aldridge 1 year ago

    Another great video. The kids are so excited and they have done so well with their crops. You are always going to have weeds. The best you can do is try to keep them under control. You have a great variety of vegetables. A big thumbs up.

  • turboarrowIII 1 year ago

    I think I will try cucumbers next year as not had a go at them yet. Your garden is doing really well despite all the rain and floods you had.

  • Matt In Illinois 1 year ago

    @ 9:43 did you say you're trying BT corn?

  • Josh K 1 year ago

    Great update, very informal and loving the progress, looks like its gunna be a pretty good outcome. Awsome jib kids, your hard work is paying off. Sure feels great to see it. Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work. 

  • buck tooth bettys boyfriend 1 year ago