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The Kinks cover. Ludovic Macioszczyk : Voice, Acoustic guitars, Percussion on a Tascam Portastudio 464 From the Album – Spacegirl and Other Favorites Related PostsKid’s Garden – Vishnu SahasranamaUse Cover Crops in your Vegetable Garden to Grow Food Well!How to Use Straw to Cover a Vegetable Garden : Vegetable GardeningRural Homes Have Grass Roof Design | Unique And Fancy | For 4 PeopleLong kid train of building blocks toys for children | Robots for kids | Kids GardenJust Kids Career Day Catering

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  • Jon Blu 7 months ago

    I found this looking for information on tascam portastudio 464's.. and this is amazing, is this you? Im a fan,
    what mic is he using, id rly like to know.

  • Ludovic Macioszczyk 7 months ago

    @theringoshow Thanks !

  • Left4Rage 7 months ago

    if you are ever in northwest indiana give me call. the phantom neutral