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Download Link: Welcome to the Monster World! Let’s play with cute monster. Marbel&Friends has magic seeds. These seeds will grow into cute monster. Let’s play! Choose your monster seed and take care of him. Just like a plant, monster seed also requires fertilizer. However, the fertilizer is kinda special. It is made from special ingredients using magical pan. Choose the ingredients, mix up all the ingredients in magical pan, and stir well. Tadaaa! You now have magical fertilizer! Pour the seed, and see what happen next. Hooray! Your cute monster has been born! Take him under the sunshine and give some water, then your monster will grow well. Features: 1. 15 cute monster to play 2. 16 secret ingredients to create magical fertilizer 3. 6 fun games such as taking care land monster, aquatic monster, monster field, sorting monster, insect eradication, and match three. 4.Easy game control. Just tap and slide. Ain’t it easy? 5.Marvelous animation Let’s take care your monster! It’s so much fun playing with Marbel. Not only play, you will also learn many things such as time management, motorist, and imagination. This app is categorized as kids education app, education app, books, interactive learning, puzzle, kids game. Related PostsLearn About Vegetables & Fruits for Children with Dr. Panda Veggie Garden Kids GamesUnboxing Jungle Magic Garden Sciencz Kids Toys Kyrascope Toy ReviewsJust Kids Career Day CateringPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewKids Garden, Baby Hippo Learning and educational farm games for kids by Hippo Kids GamesKids Garden, Baby Hippo Learning and educational farm games for kids by Hippo Kids Games


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