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Subscribe to TwinVSTwin for More Fun! ► Welcome to our Second Challenge, The Garden Bike Race!! We hope you are enjoying these Kids Family challenges! Which kid will win today?? You can now send Fan mail to Our NEW PO Box address Send to: PO Box 17235 BIRMINGHAM B18 9HD Just Label it “Twin Town” & We’ll be putting the things you send us into our videos!! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEPIC Twin Vs Twin 1v1 Kids Garden Football Challenge!!Getting Kids Involved In The Garden At The Earliest Possible AgeJust Kids Career Day CateringDoc McStuffins Skittles / Bowling Set Kids Garden Toy | Fun Summer Activity Nadia Amani ToysPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewLearn Colors with Ice Cream – Nursery Rhymes For Kids – Kids Garden


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  • McLean Boy 1 year ago

    Lorenzo always sticks up for sienna but good vid guys

  • Maria Valeria Silva 1 year ago

    i like twin vs twin

  • Ahmed Dafallah 1 year ago

    Sarah bike is nice

  • Natasha Skirvin 1 year ago


  • Natasha Skirvin 1 year ago


  • riopkuuei 1 year ago

    Those looks

  • The bushy Crew 1 year ago

    Maya has an advantage cuz she’s on th inside also mya looks like a brat

  • Anouchka Oppinger Bowne 1 year ago

    Snookit with the comeback!

  • X_786AK_X MMSHAA 1 year ago

    Snooket did 10 seconds

  • Adeline Jean Charles 1 year ago

    Snooki I don't like you because you always went in and you like a loser

  • vince tita 1 year ago

    I ^8uuufnduuuiopp]


  • Tyce Radio 1 year ago

    Lorenzo I’m a big fan but it annoys me when you act like a commentator and it’s not even your channel

  • Adeline Jean Charles 1 year ago

    pictures of cheetah that's why I don't like smoke it only I like may

  • CLASH ROYALE GAMING 1 year ago

    1:42 hahahhahahahahahahhahahahaahhahahahahahahahahha

  • prey41 Robloxian 1 year ago

    10 secs not 8 secs

  • vicki waugh 1 year ago

    Mya looks upset once she has lost the challenge

  • Martin darko 1 year ago


  • german felipe canelo caicedo 1 year ago

    Muy malos sus videos

  • Bennyhorhey Nongkynrih 1 year ago

    Not nice I want a long track

  • Devon Joseph 1 year ago

    Snooki always wins