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Time lapse video of my daughter’s crystal growing kit. Time is at like a million times normal speed filmed over four days. You can get same kit here via Amazon. Note you only get ONE kit, not the three in the picture. Our kit worked okay at first, but then water started to evaporate and wasn’t being drawn up rock to form crystals. We added more hot water periodically to keep the water level maintained and that made all the difference. The rocks the crystals are growing on in this video are about an inch long so this video is a super close up! Not huge crystals, but enough so my six year-old was excited to see changes and wants to show her friends. Filmed with a desk light pointing at crystals with a black hat as background. Cheesy crystal music is a free Youtube selection. Link to the Music Video: A Lego Train with a GoPro on it, going through the house and into the garden. TrainGuy’s Lego Train Set 2016. There is about 50 meters of Lego track where the train travels throughout the set. With the help of friends setting it up. Link to the Fails video Part 1: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTime Lapse of Sweet Basil. 7th Week Plant Growing. Indoor Gardening | BasilTime Lapse of Chilli Plant Indoor Gardening. Growing in its 7th week | ChilliMarijuana Growing Time Lapse Video LED’s BEAT HID!Time lapse fast growing corn, roots and leaves growingFresh for Florida Kids Food Garden – Growing CornGrowing vegetable garden! Beginner gardening for kids.

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