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This kids parents didn’t give a crap about him lol I guess you can say he was and is still a neglected child if I could contact the foster home place or child care places I would get him removed from his parents. P.S To be honest I feel bad for this kid Alan Titchmarsh shows a group of primary school children how to grow lettuce, Alpine strawberries, cherry tomatoes and French beans. For more tips and tricks and to buy plants and garden products, visit Waitrose Garden. Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | More great recipes, ideas and groceries | Related PostsOlive Garden Kids App – How to VideoOlive Trees! Tower Gardens!Garden Trellis Ideas for Tomatoes and Other CropsHow-To Start Seeds for a Vegetable Garden | IN BETH’S GARDENHow-To Grow Strawberries | IN BETH’S GARDENPrepper Vegetable Garden

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  • Luis Penaloza 1 year ago

    I feel bad for the people right or behind them?

  • rebfish1998 1 year ago

    Him to the bathroom! Don't just sit there and puke all over the table!?

  • Ashley Kinnear 1 year ago

    for those who e saying aww poor kid ur messed in the head and as for u Colin and family leave u sick ass b astereds u get me and my family sicl we sue u?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    He ruined everyone's meal?

  • Pia Chanelle 1 year ago

    Go to the bathroom omfg?

  • Addison Mann 1 year ago

    one time when my brother was six he drank a whole glass of chocolate milk at a diner and threw up?

  • THE GUY 1 year ago

    ah poor little buddy?

  • Rayana Woods 1 year ago

    Asians are always neglecting their fucking kids they don't know how to raise their kids. Why take your sick kids to a restaurant I swear every restarting I've ever worked at Asians always bring their sick puking kids to eat.?

  • Colin Chow 1 year ago

    his parents were too lazy to do shit or give a fuck about there own kid?

  • Nolan Bankeroff 1 year ago

    why couldn't they drag the kid to the bathroom.?

  • Nolan Bankeroff 1 year ago

    i would like chicken alfredo woth a side of a puking boy.?

  • Colin Chow 1 year ago

    read description I put in a lot of stuff that I think should happen and stuff?


    that's nice?

  • Aldothesonicfan VGCP EDCP AVGCP 1 year ago

    Your right the kids parents didn't give a crap…..?

  • Olivia Jacquez 1 year ago

    Poor kid ??

  • Sophia Moore 1 year ago

    I almost puked watching this but good video?

  • Sophia Moore 1 year ago

    I don't know why this person filmed this it's gross but I still feel bad for the kid maybe Olive Garden put some thing bad in their food,?

  • FullscreenViewership 1 year ago

    Hey Colin my name is Jiro and I am an editor for Fullscreen's licensing department. Fullscreen is one of the largest networks for viral video content and we have a great opportunity for your "Kid pukes at olive garden" video. You can reach me at to see what we have to offer.?

  • Pumpkinlove335 Msp 1 year ago

    Poor kid?

  • Colin Chow 1 year ago

    I'm not the father Im only his friend and I will record as much as possible of him puking.

    I will also be uploading different things like my weird friends and family. Hope you all enjoy?

  • Yus PT 1 year ago